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  1. kman58

    Virginia School of Bhangra @ MCB Jrs & BBC 2018 Mix

    I'm excited to finally present the culmination of nearly a year's worth of work. I've had a blast with the VSB family putting together these mixes, which I have mashed up into 1 megamix for all to enjoy. Special shoutout to @GSingh for his work on the intro and @TegHans for his work on the...
  2. kman58

    Bhangre De Shokeen - BBC 2017 and Tashan 2017

    Hello BTF, On behalf of Bhangre De Shokeen, and my co-captains Sukhdev and Bhavin, I am proud to present the videos of our first place performances from both Boston Bhangra Competition 2017 and Tashan 2017. We'd like to congratulate MBT and our VSB brothers for their placings at BBC, as well as...
  3. kman58

    Bhangre De Shokeen's mix from NKD 2017

    On behalf of @vishwassodhi (Vick Sodhi), @bgala (Bhavin Gala), @SSinghBrar (Sukhdev Brar), and myself (Keshav Mantha), I'm happy to present Bhangre De Shokeen's mix from our first place performance at Nach Ke Dikha 2017: Feel free to message me with any feedback regarding the mix, enjoy! You...
  4. kman58

    Algozey in major key?

    What's good, Every algozey loop or algozey track I've heard has been in minor key, and I haven't found anything yet that is in a major key. Does anyone have any links or examples of algozey in major keys, or at the least an explanation of why there is no exception to this phenomena? All other...
  5. kman58

    Best/must have plug-ins for DAWs that have enhanced your productions?

    To the producers out there: Anybody have any favorite plug-ins they can't live without or they consider are must-haves? And in what way have those plug-ins improved your productions? Looking to expand my library with (preferably free) some stuff I might not necessarily know much about yet...
  6. kman58

    Need a vector/good quality image of khunda/kato chaal!!!

    Hey guys, title explains all. If you are aware of a high quality photo from a competition or have one yourself of someone landing a good khunda chaal and another one of a kato chaal, I'd love if you could direct me there/attach it. I'm trying to make a vector out of it, but if you have those...
  7. kman58

    Song help don't know name!

    Hey guys, there's a song (kinda sorta old?) that starts off with the line "O Balle Shera!" and then the beat drops, I can't remember the name for the life of me, could someone please tell me what song that is? Thank you!
  8. kman58

    Getting team gear??

    Hey guys, Comp season is heating up and obviously before hitting comps/shows teams want to get spirit wear like hoodies/jackets/sweats/etc. Which websites/vendors have you guys had good experience ordering custom team stuff from (jackets in particular)? Preferably cheaper companies (nothing like...
  9. kman58

    What is this song/what sound effect?

    Hey guys this mix just dropped and I want to know the firstly where can I get the sound effect at 1:00 that goes "HA! HA! HA!" Repeat etc.... I've heard it in so many mixes and I've searched everywhere on BTF and the media center no luck. Also the first song at about 1:17, what's the...
  10. kman58

    Missing practice policy for college/club teams?

    Hey guys, thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about team flakes, especially coming into the bhangra season for many teams, especially collegiate, it was a major help, I'm sure not just for me. Going off of it, I wanted to know about teams, especially collegiate ones, and their...
  11. kman58

    Temple University Bhangra Tryouts!

    Hey guys, I'm excited to announce that Temple University Bhangra of Philadelphia, PA will be hosting our Fall 2014 tryouts this week! The informationals/teaching session is this Wednesday Sept. 3 @ 8PM and the tryouts themselves will be held on Sunday Sept. 7 @8PM. Both events will be at the...
  12. kman58

    How to deal with flakes?

    I'm sure everyone here even from the best teams has had people flake out, whether it be from team gatherings, extra practices, mandatory practices, or even an entire semester. What are some good/effective ways you all have found to deal with it? Any effective consequences to these actions...
  13. kman58

    Song help please!!! From a Furteelay mix!

    Hey BTF, Can anybody please help me identify the song at the beginning of Furteelay's MCB mix (at 1:24) and at the end of their mix (at 7:47). Been stuck in my head for a while. Thanks guys!!!
  14. kman58

    song name help??? stuck in my head!

    Can anyone help identify the first song in U of Birmingham's Bhangra Showdown 2014 mix??? Thank you!!!
  15. kman58

    Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar Bhangra Shops???

    Does anybody know of any bhangra stores in the above cities where I could get Saaps or Katos? Or anybody who sells in those places? Specifics would be helpful!!! Thanks guys :) :) :)
  16. kman58


    So this isn't news to anybody but what do y'all think about it? Possibilities of success back in Cleveland? Is Miami done for?
  17. kman58

    Bhangra Shop in New Delhi???

    Hey guys, Currently in India and I'll spend a few days in New Delhi (Ghaziabad specifically) in early August before I head back to 'Murrca. I'd love to hit up a Bhangra shop anywhere in the Capitol region to grab some katos/saaps to bring back. Anybody have any idea where I could find such a...
  18. kman58

    Off-season training?

    Hey guys, I just became the captain of my team, and as all new captains want, I really want my team to get a spot on the Bhangra map this season. Of the million things any team needs to work on, I think with mine it's maintaining and developing technique when school is off. To all the more...
  19. kman58


    Hi Guys, My team's current set of saaps has gotten pretty worn down and we need a new set of 12-14 saaps. I'm from DC but the team is based in Philly and we have a lot of members who also live in NJ near Edison/NYC. Anybody know any stores in any of the above areas that sell good Saaps for...