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  1. Prabhzy

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    Ever since the WBBC and Elite 8 stopped happening after 2015, I have always wondered whether we are missing out on a platform where the worlds best teams go head to head to win the coveted title? JVD won WBBC in 2015 and BBC in 2016, while Ankhile also placed in 2015. Aussie teams have made...
  2. Prabhzy

    Bhangra Fest 2018- London

    Bhangra Fest is back this year. Organised by Folk Stars Limited. Location- Sadlers Wells Theatre, London Date- 8th September 2018 Ten teams go head to head in the UK's premier independent team competition
  3. Prabhzy

    Capital Bhangra 2018- Videos

    Capital Bhangra held in London, UK on the 31st March 2018. ( Videos to follow as they are uploaded) Placings 1. Leicester/DMU University 2. Nottingham/NTU University 3. Liverpool University Leicester/DMU Nottingham/NTU Liverpool Hertfordshire
  4. Prabhzy

    Capital Bhangra 2016 and TBC( University) 2016

    After the success of Capital Bhangra since its inception in 2012, the University bhangra scene in the UK as exploded. So much so that 14 university teams applied for Capital Bhangra 2016 which led to the organisers making a separate competition; TBCu alongside CB16! Capital Bhangra 2016 (7...
  5. Prabhzy

    Bhangra teams in Miami/Orlando?

    Hi guys, My name is Bhanu and ive been part of the University of Bradford team in the UK for a few years now. Ill be down in Orlando/Miami area end of December time and wondered if there were any teams that are active in the area ?
  6. Prabhzy

    Capital Bhangra UK- The Story

    A must watch on how one of the most welcoming University comps came into being
  7. Prabhzy

    The Bhangra Competition (TBC) 2014, London!

    The UK has its newest Independent Team competition next month. THE BHANGRA COMPETITION (TBC) - brought to you by Venue- Queen Mary University, Great Hall, London Date- 22nd November 2014 Competing teams-- 1. Ankhi Jawan 2. Gabru Chel Chabileh 3. Nachda Sansaar 4...
  8. Prabhzy

    How much UK bhangra has changed in the last 5 years!

    Came across this University of Birmingham's set in Bhangra Showdown 2009 The University of Birmingham Bhangra Team: The Bhangra Showdown 2009 and now (winners in 2014) The Bhangra Showdown 2014 *Official HD* - Birmingham University - 1st Place What do you guys think of the changes you...
  9. Prabhzy

    Capital Bhangra 2014: The Documentary

    Capital Bhangra is not just a competition, but an experience to remember. A great deal of energy and passion goes into the whole weekend and long before that too. This fly-on-the-wall documentary shows what it took to put on such an event by both participating teams as well as the committee...
  10. Prabhzy

    Going clean shaven for competition?

    Hi guys, been thinking about this for a bit. I have been noticing that not a huge number but fair few guys on the Bhangra circuit go clean shaven to a competition. I dont know what it is but the having a good daari and moochan make you look 100 times better with a pagh. but thats just my...
  11. Prabhzy

    University of Bradford @ Capital Bhangra 2014

    Our first ever competitive performance. Please give any feedback if possible. Bradford University at Capital Bhangra 2014