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    Margib - Punjabi Soco (F1rstman, WizKid)

    Punjabi x Dancehall x Latin mashup
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    Silk Road Punjabi (Punjabi v Central Asian mixtape)

    A journey down the Silk Road, with Urban Desi and Bhangra songs mixed with Pop and Hip-Hop from Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
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    Margib - Uzbek Bhangra

    Azizxo'ja x Surjit Khan
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    Margib - Jee Karr Daa Blanco (Harrdy Sandhu, J. Balvin)

    Got another vibey Latin v Punjabi mashup
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    Article: Is this the Decade we say RIP to traditional Punjabi music? Food for thought
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    Margib - Yaqteen

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    Margib - Tich Lagdi x Sajna Da Naam (Jazzy B, Satwinder Birdi)

    Punjabi mashup with Deep House, Hip-Hop, and Hard Trap elements.
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    Margib - Ishare Tere x Taki Taki (Guru Randhawa x DJ Snake)

    A harder version of Taki Taki mixed with Ishare Tere by Guru Randhawa
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    Jazzy B - Jugnu (Trap Bootleg)

    Trap mashup bootleg of Jazzy B's "Jugnu" with a song by Skan and some original production thrown in
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    Roshan Prince - Charhdi Jawani (Margib Bootleg)

    Can safely say it meets only 1 of the criteria from this thread: (#3 - trap beat) 1. DJ's name is DJ ASF, JST, ASS, ASH, ABC, SSD, MSB, HSG, JSK etc. 2. Each remix is almost always 50 semitones higher than the original (figuratively speaking) 3. EVERY I mean EVERY remix has a f****ing trap beat...
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    Issa Jatt v Candyshop

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    Diljit meets Electro House