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    Margib - Punjabi Soco (F1rstman, WizKid)

    Punjabi x Dancehall x Latin mashup
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    Silk Road Punjabi (Punjabi v Central Asian mixtape)

    A journey down the Silk Road, with Urban Desi and Bhangra songs mixed with Pop and Hip-Hop from Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
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    Margib - Uzbek Bhangra

    Azizxo'ja x Surjit Khan
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    Margib - Jee Karr Daa Blanco (Harrdy Sandhu, J. Balvin)

    Got another vibey Latin v Punjabi mashup
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    Article: Is this the Decade we say RIP to traditional Punjabi music? Food for thought
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    Difficulty Forming/Motivating New Team

    If youre in Salem, maybe try and combine forces/work with Oregon State's Bhangra team in Corvallis? There's a few Bhangra dancers in Portland too, but Salem might be the limiting factor due to lack of Indians
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    Margib - Yaqteen

    Thanks Basim and Raghav!
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    Margib - Yaqteen

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    Margib - Tich Lagdi x Sajna Da Naam (Jazzy B, Satwinder Birdi)

    Punjabi mashup with Deep House, Hip-Hop, and Hard Trap elements.
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    Margib - Ishare Tere x Taki Taki (Guru Randhawa x DJ Snake)

    A harder version of Taki Taki mixed with Ishare Tere by Guru Randhawa
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    Jazzy B - Jugnu (Trap Bootleg)

    Trap mashup bootleg of Jazzy B's "Jugnu" with a song by Skan and some original production thrown in