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    Back2Folk - brand new all girls team in SoCal!

    Hello all, I am back after a long hiatus! I have started an all girls team down here in SoCal and we are currently recruiting for the fall. We are filling up and looking for a few more girls. If you are looking to compete and are down in SoCal, please feel free to message me!
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    Bhangra's Most Wanted (BMW) Tryouts!!

    Bhangra's Most Wanted's (BMW) original members are coming back to the bhangra scene after two years because we just couldn't stay away!! We are more motivated than ever and are looking to make an impact in the bhangra circuit. BMW is an all guys bhangra team from SoCal and is looking for more...
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    Sukhjit Khaira - kabaddi

    Anyone have this song??? thanks in advance :)
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    anyone have aman riar - dont mind

    Came out dec. 08. Thanks in advance 8)
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    Sardool Sikander - Mitraan Nu Margaya (request)

    Looking for the original :D Thanksss
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    Sukhwinder Sukhi's old albums

    Hey guys :) With Sukhi's new album just released, I was wondering if someone knows where I can get some of his older work?? For example, pind di kudi and the song with all the jatt names lol (that album had some pretty good songs)
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    Song Request: Tappe

    Hey guys, Im looking for some traditional/old school tappe. I went to a party and someone was singing them on the mic. I was wondering if anyone has any in the form of songs :) Thanks a lot!
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    Chase Community Giving: Vote for Jakara Movement!!

    Hey guys, Chase is taking a huge step towards helping some charities, and it would be greatly appreciated if you all would help by voting for the Jakara Movement. For those of you that dont know, here's a link to the site for Jakara: It's really easy to vote, and you do...
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    LSAT, GMAT, DAT, and others upcoming??

    Anyone taking any graduate tests???? LSATs here in september :P
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    So i heard a song at a party that i did not know!!! I'm usually up to date with every song and know most of the oldies as well :-\ The song went something like "kaindi si ke aaj vi main nachna" or "aaj vi si kaindi main nachna" I think its a recent song but I might be way off. I dont know the...
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    Sanjay Dutt = KPS Gill

    Sanjay Dutt to play supercop KPS Gill? By Subhash K Jha Realism has never been more in demand. And Sanjay Dutt who until recently was doing mainly fantasy is now on the realistic route. He’ll soon start Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film set during the Partition. Dutt also plays a real-life cop in...
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    NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Magic

    Well now that the Cavs and the Nuggets have been taken care of ;D Lets talk finals!! I think this is gonna be a great series, and I wouldn't want it any short of 7 games. Lakers in 7!!! :P
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    Bhangra's Most Wanted MIX @ Bash 2009

    Here you go guys, enjoy :) Made by the infamous Suni :D
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    Baron Davis to Clippers!!

    Not that anyone really cares about the clippers but it seems like a done deal... Baron Davis shocked the Warriors by opting out of his contract on Monday. Imagine their surprise now. NBA front-office sources told's Marc Stein that the guard reached a verbal agreement with the Clippers...
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    DMC Med College
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    Sickest transitions

    Lets get the world off of POL with good threads ;D We all know what transitions are, some use it predicably, and some use it very creatively. We all know of some memorable transitions, like when KJ went from Muqabala to Naagne. So who do you think has the sickest transitions currently? I'd...
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    NBA Playoffs

    How about them Lakers ;D