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    State of the Bhangra Union Address

    To Faizan: Ameen, brother. Ameen. To the bhangra community (or at least those who are going to read my post): I used to do my fair share of shit-talking. I still do, I just don't shit-talk about bhangra because I don't know what's going on in the scene. What I do know, however, is that I'm...
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    Virsa Punjab Da placings?

    I just typed up a long, elaborate post ripping Duke a new one, but I decided it's not going to take anybody anywhere useful. But just hold the god damn phone. Duke's bhangra team still exists? Sorry folks, I don't post here normally, but I stumbled across jvirk's post about Duke ripping off...
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    AVAP Updates!

    Teams and Family/Friends of Teams, Please come to the Punjabi Mela, as it is free and all proceeds help the Sangat in Richmond along with various charities. If you have a team that is interested in performing as an exhibition, please contact me or Sukhpinder Dhillon at 804 837 8383 and I can...
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    Joshiley Jawan at Virsa Punjab Da 09

    Joshiley Jawan - Great performance; I don't plan to go into detail about which joris look like they are dating, but, having established that, I do think you all work very well together. Though clearly evident that the skill levels of some of the dancers vary, I saw some very coordinated...
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    McCain's Running Mate

    Yes, Saleem, you've interpreted correctly what McCain is doing. But McCain has proven time and again that he's an idiot, and he is not going to win this election.
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    McCain's Running Mate

    I think y'all are doing what McCain wants you to do by thinking that picking Palin was an effort to seal the Hillary votes. If he wanted to do that, he wouldn't sacrifice so many other important aspects of the Vice President's job description, and he wouldn't make it that obvious. The man's an...
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    Sikh Prisoner's Hair Forcibly Cut

    Your cousin violated confidentiality and privacy acts in his practice and shared information about his client's case with you? I wish I knew people in SALDEF! Yay!
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    Top 10 Reasons not to date a bhangra dancer

    Or you could just go commando underneath the chadra - like Meistro does - for "easy access". Then you don't gotta take nothin off!
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    Huge Disappointment-BTF topics/ Punjab's compounding problems

    Summy, if you had a friend write that post for you because you cannot check the site, how did you know what the current topics were in the Off-Topic forum?
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    Characteristics of a Good Captain/Choreographer

    Jasmeet, you sound incredibly experienced! Your team must be incredible! Moderator's Note: Please refrain from personal attacks coded with sarcastic tones. LEAVE "OFF-STAGE" ISSUES OFF THIS FORUM BOARD.
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    ****Moderator's Note: Refrain from personal attacks. Please check inbox.
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    Mr. Michael Phelps

    I can't tell if you're trying to sound like an idiot, or if you really are an idiot. I've got my fingers crossed for the former, for your own good. Vick, are you an athlete?
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    Mr. Michael Phelps

    Sorry, I don't think I made my final point as clearly as I would have liked. What I meant to ask you, Vick, was what do you think it would take for a golfer to be considered an athlete? And don't respond that they'd have to change sports.
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    Mr. Michael Phelps

    Where do I begin... Okay, obviously you're not competitive at all since you have already given up on trying to hit a golf ball straight. You lack the key ingredient for an athlete, so you are in no position to judge who is or is not an athlete. You claim that golf is not physically...
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    Mr. Michael Phelps

    Really, all you have to do is stand straight and hit the ball? Okay, Vick, I've been playing the SPORT of golf for a long time, and I'm still getting better. If it were as simple as just standing straight (which you are not supposed to do) and hitting the ball, I think I would have been a pro on...
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    Mr. Michael Phelps

    I really am trying to distance myself from the bhangra world, but I heard there was a really ridiculous conversation being held here... Dude, did you really just say that Tiger Woods is not an athlete? Tiger Woods bench presses over 320 pounds. He could bench you, your mother, and her...
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    Competition Idea

    Naveen, I thought of that too, but in my idea, the organizers give the teams 15 songs to choose from, and the teams must mix the songs themselves. It adds another touch of a team's own flair to set the performances apart.