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    Nachdi De...

    here you go...
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    Sony Acid Pro 7

    does anyone know if acid 7.0 is compatible with windows 7?
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    Texas Showdown Bhangra Competition 2009

    It's just the minimum age. "Performers minimum age should be 17 years on or by October 24th, 2009"
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    Nachdi Jawani Warriors 2nd Place at TBYF

    posted here:
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    Nachdi Jawani Warriors 2nd Place at TBYF

    it's part of the Hans Mann Advert on the Back 2 Folk Cd
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    High Quality Dhol Samples.. get em while they're hot..

    good post man. what's the beat you looped on putt jattan de on the video you guys have up?
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    People's Bhangra Mixes 08-09

    here ya go...
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    People's Bhangra Mixes 08-09

    Sir Jhukna by Banny A I think it's posted in the media center already, but if not lemme know and I'll post it
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    one of the hottest mixes of the season
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    People's Bhangra Mixes 08-09

    It's Putt Sardara Dhe by Sukha Sangojla
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    People's Bhangra Mixes 08-09

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    Jawani Bhangra @ Bruin 09

    Go to 1:07 of the song attached
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    VCU Bhangra 08-09 Mixes

    4:15 is called Note by Harjit Harman
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    Giant Bhangra This Saturday!

    People's Bhangra will not be competing at GIANT this weekend
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    BMW at boston bhangra mix

    Punjabi Jatt by Paramjit Nabha
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    Ace n Nana Cd- Track # 5 Nachde Punjabi

    its by Aman Riar attached..
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    Drexel Bhangra at Blowout 16

    solid set. tootsie roll "gimmick" was cool. anyone know the name of the song at 2:08? thanks in advance
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    How To Burn a Non Stop Music Cd

    lol i was gnna say the exact same thing