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  1. Gopi

    Heeray Punjab De @ Pioneer Bhangra 2011

    Enjoy! Heeray Punjab Deh - Pioneer Bhangra III (February 19, 2011)
  2. Gopi

    Heeray @ Pioneer 2010 and DDA 2010

    Enjoy! Btw there were minor changes to our DDA set..we had to cut some segments out since the DDA time limit was 9mins Pioneer 2010 DDA 2010
  3. Gopi

    Heeray and LBC Collabo and Heeray Backstage AVAP

    A Collabo of some us Heeray and LBC guys did at a friends wedding this past September And Also I thought id post Us backstage at AVAP warming up
  4. Gopi

    Heeray Punjab Deh

    Hello, Heeray Punjab Deh would like to request that our video from AVAP does not get posted please. Thank you. -Heeray Punjab Deh
  5. Gopi

    Heeray Punjab Deh @ Triple Threat 2009

    Hey guys, this is our performance from Triple Threat...Enjoy!
  6. Gopi

    Dhol Di Awaz Video Request Thread

    On behalf of Heeray Punjab Deh, we would appreciate our video not being posted..thx
  7. Gopi

    Heeray Punjab Deh : Dholi Needed

    This is Gopi from Heeray Punjab Deh and we are looking for a dholi to permanently play all live for us after DDA. He must be from Northern California, able to travel to out of state competitions, have a flexible schedule, know basic traditional dhol beats (dhamal,phumnia,mirza,jhummar,etc), and...
  8. Gopi

    Heeray Punjab Deh @ COS Giant Bhangra 08