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  1. Varun

    Wisconsin Gurdwara Shooting, Support

    For a generation of Punjabi-Americans who already have feelings of being unwanted by this Country, this is just going to emotionally scar them even more. I urge you all to talk to any youngsters in your family or community and definitely let them voice how they feel about this but also guide...
  2. Varun


    yeah, the jins.
  3. Varun

    microsoft office

    you could probably torrent the programs but i see that you have a google account. Google docs lets you edit and open office (excel, doc, etc) files and edit them and save as office files or even pdf. ghetto but desperate times call for desperate measures. best of luck
  4. Varun


    Damn, that's terrible. Killed, and that too in such an inhumane and excruciating one deserves a fate like that just for believing in something different.
  5. Varun

    Exclusive interview with Young Fateh - done by Ryerson SAA

    dead @ "Ya Boy, T- Pain., Kid Cudi , E-40…to name a few. I listen to all types of music. Lately I’ve been jamming to Taylor Swift, shes amazing."
  6. Varun

    What's your fav. HINDI song?

    Khuda Gawah -Tu na ja mere badshah Amitabh and Sridevi as tribal Pashtuns...doesn't get better than that.
  7. Varun

    Babbu Mann on Lala Lajpat Rai

    Ignorance. Though Rai's death cause is not really up for dispute (he died due to complications from a lathi charge from British Officers suppressing a Simon Commission protest), it seems like Babbu is trying to imply that his contributions to the Independence struggle would not be that important...
  8. Varun

    need help with getting new phone so like need some advice really bad please help

    Re: need help with getting new phone so like need some advice really bad please hottest new phones on the market bro. if you don't have these, you won't be gettin no girls' digits
  9. Varun

    Rajput vs Centurion on SpikeTV

    Crazy. I know that Gagan kid who is talking. He's an actor from guy, extremely knowledgeable about the most random things. He's Jatt tho, not Rajput :(
  10. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    lol, we way past that homie. this is bigger than you now hahaha
  11. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    I think our views on crime and punishment need to change. I feel like jails and police are constructions that do not attack the root of the problem. The money we spend on prisons and officers can better go to the root causes of crime : poverty, income inequality, educational inequalities, racial...
  12. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    I mean, if you are going to encapsulate an entire organization and institution off of the actions of one individual (in this case the hypothetical officer who saves me or a loved one) then is it not fair for others to also say "fuck the police" because they have experienced isolated examples of...
  13. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    I, like you, definitely do criticize people when they talk about stuff they don't know and just blindly follow it. Be it nationalist pride, religious zeal, or hypocrisy. I'm not perfect but I try to avoid this, since I am so critical of myself. If you would like to know about my personal...
  14. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    Marijuana. Used by everyone from the soldiers in Guru Gobind Singh ji's armies to the Yogis who wrote the Upanishads and Gita to even the founding fathers and framers of our Constition. The fact that we have to be ashamed of using a naturally growing plant..a fucking just sad. Fuck...
  15. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    People put tons of inane shit on here. And ultimately everyone here is friends and share all the sad, funny, and wack shit that happens to them. Dude was doing the brag about having to have a high school drop out Probation Officer administer random piss tests for him was probably far...
  16. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    i bet Young Fateh ratted you out, homes. damn snitch.
  17. Varun

    Guess who's on probation!

    Funny. The same people who like to intellectualize their profound views on the War on Drugs are bagging on this kid for complaining about a real life example of how fucked drug policy is in the U.S. Keep smoking homie, fuck the police.
  18. Varun

    "Kasab guilty, Ansari and Sabauddin acquitted"

    Um I meant the most disturbing thing about what was on the phone lines. The fact that those terrorists spoke in such a rural and simple dialect... felt like it could have been anyone from my Pind (ie they were not the stereotypical tough talking, terrorist you see in the movies)
  19. Varun

    "Kasab guilty, Ansari and Sabauddin acquitted"

    There was a documentary on HBO about the 26/11 attacks. Indian intelligence supposedly feed SIM cards to the terrorist organization LeT and they ended up using it for this operation. The documentary showed the actual phone conversations the young terrorists were having with their controllers...
  20. Varun

    K'Naan - Wavin' Flag

    i prefer the boom bap version :) Wavin' Flag - K'naan With Lyrics but yah, he's sick. mad respected by Damian Marley and Nas, so you gotta check him out