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    TAG Bruin Bhangra 2012 Mix.

    anyone know the song at 2:47??
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    Zameer- Tatti (sgpd music video?)

    yep, those values were DEFINITELY on display at almost every after party i've been to.
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    *Front TURLA PAGG: SHIVCHAND STYLE HOW TO!* (Fateh bhangra crew)

    cleeeeeannnn pagh....out of curiosity howd you do the pooni for this?
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    SMD acceptance into UBC

    and this is why people don't like girls teams hahhaha..... seriously tho im just joking. but in all honesty yeah you should have gotten accepted especially with the presence of girls teams kinda dropping and it would have been good to see you girls go head to head against dcbc on home court...
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    LOL hahaha
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    Kamarkasse (Thing you tie around your waist)

    theres alot of instances where the kamarkass also falls off too. its not worth the risk.
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    Bhangra shape?

    spoken like a true gentleman.
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    LAPD Using LAPD's [Lishkare Apne Punjabian De]'s Vardiyaan at DDA

    yeah i'm sure it won't be as much as a hassle for you as it was for us to get them.
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    DDA XIII (2010) Placings???

    yeah but in that case, YOU STILL know the source otherwise you're just making up random citations. we haven't seen a video of you guys and i'm not even sure what team you are referring to that we could have copied since there is no video out of you guys.
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    Bhangra Practice and Performance: Punjabi University Patiala

    the band was so sick in this performance, singer, dholi and the overzealous chimta player made it happen.
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    Dhol Di Awaz XIII (2010) Predictions

    BAHAHAHAHa...this is way too funny.
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    Rangla Punjab Using ESPN's [Ehna Sona Punjab Nachda]'s Vardiyaan at DDA

    idk man, the title of the thread says otherwise lol
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    Sportsmanship in Bhangra

    haha don't worry bout that...i know how much it sucks when people don't respect your generosity and property. i got screwed over once when a team we lent our fits to returned them in a trash bag and multiple items missing. sooooo jaloose.
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    Updated info for DDA hotel

    mapletree inn is where its at ppl.
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    Sportsmanship in Bhangra

    Hey BTFers, Normally, people associate a kind of cut-throat attitude between bhangra teams, but every now and then you run across acts of kindness, and with it being close to the holidays, we on Rangla Punjab felt especially compelled to recognize Ehna Sona Punjab Nachda (ESPN) for their...
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    Need help finding this song!

    u got some issues man lol
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    How To Tie A Front Turla Pagh( India Video)

    paghs are gonna start looking alot better this season.