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  1. J Wong

    Same mistakes...'s-perspective/ I wrote this post a few years ago, and since then I have been to a number of competitions. Most of the things/mistakes I outlined in this post are still being made. To older...
  2. J Wong

    Why is a girl coming out or girl reveal under a pagh a gimmick?

    For me it comes off as 'oh wow a girl is doing bhangra like a guy'. I figured that we established that girls can dance as well as guys and vice versa and I'm not sure what the 'gimmick' is.
  3. J Wong


    In the year 2024..... We are Joshiley, Furteelay, Ankhiley, Gabru Chel Chabileh Bhangra Group an all oriental bhangra group that specializes in khalsa college live bhangra.
  4. J Wong

    I have a suggestion....

    Seeing as the whole folk vs modern thing is coming up and everyone has their own definitions, why don't we compile a list of things we want to see in either a folk set or modern set. If a competition wants to be more folk, people can refer to the list. If a competition wants to be more...
  5. J Wong

    Non-desi bhangra judge?

    Will it ever happen? Debate!
  6. J Wong

    Punjab Uni. Patiala

    You don't see many theater performances. punjabi university patiala interversity bhangra
  7. J Wong

    So I decided to look up BTF on Reddit...

    Reddit can be so harsh.
  8. J Wong

    I decided to write a blog about things. Things I think about and find important.
  9. J Wong

    What artist would you want at a competition?

    What artist would you want at a competition?
  10. J Wong

    How far would you be willing to go? Competition Survey.

    Har far would you go to see a competition with a stacked lineup and an A-List artist?
  11. J Wong

    Insane idea

    Online bhangra competition: 1. Teams have buy in. (or paid viewing = larger pot) 2. Full vardi, any location. 3. 8:30 time limit. 4. BTF votes 5. Either winner takes all or placings for popular vote. (Ideally there will be a large enough distribution of voters to have a mixed preference...
  12. J Wong

    Judging Rubric Idea

    So I was looking at various competition rubrics and I have noticed a lot of things that, in my opinion, shouldn't be there: 1. Points for segments (The point of a rubric is to determine who the best team is of the night, I don't agree that XYZ team should automatically get points because they...
  13. J Wong

    BTF Soundcloud

    Can BTF have a sound cloud or other such like utility that team mixes are posted to/played on? Media center is adequate but there are a lot of samples/rough mixes throughout. Mostly the sound cloud would be a repository for mixes.
  14. J Wong

    How do judges in punjab judge?

    Points? Debate?
  15. J Wong

    Crafting a well run competition: A dancer's perspective.

    Throughout my career thus far I have danced at/attended many bhangra competitions. Some good, some bad. Through these experiences I hope to list the necessary qualities of a good competition. Here we go. Application Process The application should be clear and concise with definitive due dates...
  16. J Wong

    Government College Ropar bhangra, Punjabi University, Patiala

    Not enough live posted. New video from today. government college ropar bhangra Punjabi University Patiala interzone 2012
  17. J Wong

    Dhol Track

    Dhol track I use to warm up. I spliced together dhol tracks of specific steps with the step name announced before. Enjoy.
  18. J Wong

    Nakhra at its finest
  19. J Wong

    Punjab Police beating man and a woman This is horrible.
  20. J Wong


    Who will be crowned victor?