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    Funniest Youtube Video?

    First link is kinda ridiculous but needs to be watched in order to understand the HILARIOUSNESS(?) of the second video! Hahaha Britney fan's response to the media bullying: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Seth Green's response to Britney fan bullying LOL Seth Green Says Leave Chris Crocker Alone!
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    4th international BHANGRA @ GIDHA COMPITION on may1-2011 in fresno ca

    Re: international BHANGRA @ GIDHA COMPITION Mickey uncle... When? Where? General information about the event would be more helpful in attracting teams and/or audience alike. Best wishes.
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    Harbhajan Mann Speaking Truth

    Eho jehe locan da ki eh...ik janda te ik anda! :) Great Video.
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    UBC Committee's response to critique of the competition

    NO. Just no. In no way should any committee "take shit" from a team that is taking their foul mood out on them, unless of coarse it is the committee's fault (even then, there is a civil way of discussing issues). Just like a committee should be thankful to the teams because they have come out to...
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    Vindication for Lebron James

    They did tonight. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bhangra Politics in California

    1. LMAO Kinnell's post!!! +1 2. This is the second team to whine about not getting accepted into a competition. Seriously, you guys need to stfu and deal with it. Go talk to your team and friends and family cuz an online forum is not going to fix your ego or your rejection. 3. I've never heard...
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    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Arrested In India

    LOL!! I love Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but thats pretty silly of him to carry THAT much dough and not expect trouble!!
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    Good movies to watch

    Agree with most above, also must watch: Gangster: a love story
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    Your Fav Chamkila Songs?

    Viah karvake ve
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    Ultimate Bhangra Competition (UBC) Official Exhibition Act Announcement

    Anyone know the song/beat used in this video?! AWESOME RINGTONE STATUS. =)
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    Black Swan

    YES. A couple of my friends told me not to see it cuz its depressing and creepy, but im so glad I went ahead and watched it anyways. It is dark at points but its needed for the story to unfold and develop. Movie was top notch in terms of acting, direction, music, and cinematography. The last 20...
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    Why some people don't deserve courtsite seats lol

    hahaha agree he's freakin tight!!
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    Miami or Lakers?

    Lebron & Miami allday errday!! <3
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    Happy Birthday Jasmeet

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    The best scene of the whole season was probably when Dexter loses it in the very first episode and has a breakdown after Rita's death. idk i didnt really like this season too much, and the finale seemed too rushed with Chase down, Quinn in&out of the jail, n Lumen peacing out so suddenly. Still...
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2011 - FOURTH INVITEE

    Nice picks so far, the next four are easy to predict... us east- vcu us west- empire canada west- ava girls canada east- NACHDI JAWANI gonna be hella tighttttt;)
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    New Bhangra Songs... :)

    ohmygod nono noo I watched all of it! LOL
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    AEG mixes from Boston & Elite & BAB= extremely awesome!