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    Star Wars

    so amped :D !
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    Rise of Our City - DJ Twinbeatz (Hosted by Amar Sandhu)

    thank you for this... fiyah!! definitely on repeat. twinbeatz never fail to impress w/ their quality mixes
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    Anyone remember where this boli is from?

    Can't quite seem to remember where this boli is from but have been looking for it for a few days now but I know i've heard it multiple times in mixes... any ideas? nacha nacha mein agg vangu macha deva gera kuriyo ne mein nach nach patt deva vehra kuriyo
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    great job boys... red jori, mr. singh killed it that mix of kaur bs dil dhadke sounded so sick... congrats on first!
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    VCU Bhangra in the Burgh 7 Mix

    Sick mix... whats the mukh tera chan warga track at 1:51
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    Digital Desi with guest: Deep Jandu

    what's the first track called? "hunda saada hi ki haal... soona soona jahan lage"
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    Vancity Bhangra @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (Best In The West) (GTV)

    tooooooooo sick... for a second i thought the video itself was sped up towards the end lol but sick combo of dancers & great energy. Congrats on 1st! song at 7:27 anyone?????
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    Boston Bhangra Placings!

    AEG, WHAT! Takeover!!! Congrats to the other placings as well!
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    Teams of 10?

    b2b used to have a 10 man set if i'm not mistaken!
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    jidhaan chal gayi goli?
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    Drexel University Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 18

    whats the last song... "mehfil mitran di".. artist?
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    What's up Chicago?!

    Yes sir... had a few buddies recently attend Chicago loves Bhangra with Kate Levinstein and their feedback has been super positive in regards to the vibe they got. +1
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    What's up Chicago?!

    What's up guys... I was wondering what's going on with the bhangra scene in Chicago and surrounding areas. I haven't seen any active bhangra competitions in a few years and was wondering whether there's any local events going on and even your (the bhangra circuit) thoughts of future competitions...
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    BMW MIX @ Pioneer 2011

    what is the first song?
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    All-girls Team list and contact info

    is anyone gonna make this happen? ... otherwise some potential organizers are waiting to hop on board
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    End of Football?

    now that's just pushing it A BIT too far lol... :P ... continue
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    **2 NyCe - Phulkari**

    +1, :|
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    **2 NyCe - Kawan vs. Beep Beep** (CONCEPT SAMPLE)

    +1... somebody help the man out ps. have had this sample on repeat 24/7 for the last month
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    ***January 2011 Mix***

    holy crap, you katarias are on some next ishhhh... first jason kataria and his monstrous mixes and now you.... keep 'em coming!
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    looks good, best of luck! Not to go off-topic but can someone educate me on how and through which program/applications do those type of promotional videos get produced? Thanks in advances.