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  1. DParhar


    im pretty sure its ADH, def ADH beat in the bg
  2. DParhar

    SGPD at Wedding

    Majhe Diye Mombatiye by Balkar Sidhu
  3. DParhar

    Jasbir Virse De Waris Singer

    Thank you ricky!
  4. DParhar

    Jasbir Virse De Waris Singer

    can some1 post the 2nd song he sings? dude has a sick voice!
  5. DParhar

    Honey Singh started singing now??

    he sucks at singing...
  6. DParhar

    Capital Bhangra @ Pioneer Bhangra 2010 (GTVHD)

    awesome mix and loved the simple choreo, its refreshing!....are u guys gonna post the mix?
  7. DParhar

    Album/Song of the year?

    Album of the year- Surjit Khan- Headliner!!!
  8. DParhar

    Boliyan lyrics/translation help

    Lang aaja patan{Dock for ships} chenaab da yaar lang aaja [Come cross over the chenaab my friend/lover] mere kaag banere te boliya [the crow spoke, it is said that crows make noise when someone you know is coming in this case the lover] mera tattri da jeurda doliya [my heart trembled] mai ta...
  9. DParhar

    Jassi Sohal's back :D

    Re: Jassi Johal's back :D nice! btw its Jassi Sohal
  10. DParhar

    NTP @ Bhangra Nation

    BUMP for the mixxxxxx plzzz
  11. DParhar

    Hoi hoi &Ahh sound effect help

    not to be rude but if you do a simple search for sound effects you would find a ton on these forums.
  12. DParhar

    Jatinder Jargia - Sharab (HQ)
  13. DParhar

    KS Makhan - Fight

    yeh hes pretty badass lol
  14. DParhar

    KS Makhan - Fight
  15. DParhar

    ADH & Kuldeep Manak - Put Sardaran Dey the remake

    ADH's voice makes me wanna puke
  16. DParhar

    Brothers' Da Bhangra

    the guy in all black with the gray vest lmaoo at his head movements
  17. DParhar

    who says bhangra songs only mention jatts :)

    word parmar is rajput lmao guess there are more baniyas then rajputs lol
  18. DParhar

    i wish i could sing like this..

    hahaahahhhha that is hilarious
  19. DParhar

    song help