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  1. gssaggu1

    Request: DBI kharku workout mix

    Hi does anyone have the DBI kharku workout mixtape from 3-4yrs back? Old laptop is broken and can't find anywhere online TIA
  2. gssaggu1

    Desi-Nee (Remix)

    Hey! Don't post much on BTF but thought I'd share a sound I've experimented with over the past few days: Check out my channel if you enjoyed!
  3. gssaggu1

    St George's TBS 2013 Mix

    Our mix from The Bhangra Showdown last Saturday. Enjoy :)
  4. gssaggu1

    Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space

    Felix Baumgartner undertaking a stratospheric balloon flight to more than 120,000 ft and making a freefall jump - attempting to be the first man to break the speed of sound!! LIVE now Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space
  5. gssaggu1

    Anyone got this song?

    Yo peeps I can't seem to get a copy of Surinder Shinda - Sare Jag Vich Punjabiyan, except for some youtube vids. Can anyone post the original? Thanks
  6. gssaggu1

    Song help pls :)

    Hey! Anyone know the last song starting around 6.35? Tried looking up the searches but no mention of it as far as I can tell VCU at Bhangra Blowout 17 Thanks
  7. gssaggu1

    6 Things We HATE about BHANGRA GIGS!

    6 Things We HATE about BHANGRA GIGS!
  8. gssaggu1

    Little Kid killing it to MJ - Thriller

    Kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field (SWAG BRO SWAG) HD
  9. gssaggu1

    Recognise the lyrics?

    "pesh karan jaaria mirza" I only remember these lyrics of the song, dunno where I heard it but it's randomly stuck in my head Anyone recognise it the song ??