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  1. Varun

    Chris Rock: Being Rich vs Being Wealthy

    In honor of May Day, let's all wake up and realize that petty riches won't set us free. Let's get wealthy, bitches Chris Rock-Never Scared Clip
  2. Varun

    traditional bhangra mix request

    yo im tryna get dat folk. anyone who can help me ill appreciate it for the rest of my life and next jaanams as well. Daler Mehndi feat Amitabh Bachchan-Na Na Na Na Re Re DM-Dardi Rab Rab DM-Mirza Sukhdev-Solva Saal wrap it up with a sped up Dil Lagiye Kudi Gujrat Di thankz
  3. Varun

    Tere Bin Laden: Upcoming Hindi Film

    TERE BIN LADEN - OFFICAL TRAILER From Wikipedia: Tere Bin Laden is a tongue-in-cheek comedy about an ambitious young news reporter from Pakistan who is desperate to migrate to the US in pursuit of the American dream. His repeated attempts to immigrate are shot down as his visa is always...
  4. Varun

    Song Request: Kanye West, Mos Def, and Freeway- Two Words I think its off College Dropout...Anyone got it?!?! Thanks!
  5. Varun

    UB40 Feat Dhol Blasters- Reasons/Red Red Wine (Live) sickkkk
  6. Varun

    Because We Be Rolling Them Joints, Dranking That Crown 24/7. YEAHzot.

    Not Really. Wake Up. Saul Williams-Amethyst Rocks
  7. Varun

    Ripping Mp3s off Youtube. HELP PLEASE?!?!

    Can someone tell me how to rip Mp3s off of youtube videos, especially if im using a mac? I'll love you even more if you rip these ones for me, with your oh-wise-expertise ;D
  8. Varun

    Gurdas Mann-Mori Rakhiyo Laaj Gurudev

    This is the first song Gurdas paji plays at every show of his. Invoking the mool mantra, Hindu gyan, and Sufi qalam, this song really emphasizes why Gurdas Mann is my favorite artist of all time. Just listen, the man is so amazing.
  9. Varun

    must stop...can't...pull eyes...away from screen... Anyone who can stop this after the first 30 seconds, gets my kudos.
  10. Varun

    Watch: RP Bhangra Tryouts/Documentary Trying to get a documentary going, so if you see me with a camera at any of this year's competition be sure to drop by and sound off your feelings on bhangra, judging, btf, recipes (chef shinderpaul), lol whatever. Though I'm focusing on RP, I'd love...
  11. Varun

    "Warrior Boyz": Documentary on Punjabi Gangs in Vancouver Interesting doc. I think the other parts are all on youtube. Any Canadians on BTF have any thoughts to share?
  12. Varun

    UCI RANGLA PUNJAB TRYOUTS- Today, Wed, and Thursday!

    Come tryout for UCI's bhangra team, Rangla Punjab! Tryouts will be a 3-day event (Tuesday-Thursday). October 6: Learn Routine 8-10PM October 7: Learn Routine 8-10PM October 8: Tryout! 8-10PM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come in proper dance attire. It will be easier for you to learn the routine...
  13. Varun

    "Shaheed": A Short Film on Racial Profiling, directed by Yours Truly :)

    Hey BTFers, been a while. check out a film I shot recently. It deals with issues of racism, prejudice, and racial profiling. I think a lot of us can relate. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated -Varun
  14. Varun

    song request: kaka- giddhe vich nachdiye naarey ni, blah blah, nachna aunda nehi

    hey guys, I want the OTHER nachna aunda nei by Kaka. The one mixed with Billie Jean and done by those guys from Britain's got talent Hook it up, thankz!
  15. Varun

    Ravanhatta (Rajasthani version of Sarangi) and Algozhey i love India's cultural diversity...and I thought...
  16. Varun

    Song Request: Amrinder Gill- Naagne

    IF anyones got it please post it Thanks!
  17. Varun

    Boliyan Mp3 rips for Giddha Bhangra Coca Cola videos

    Heres The boliyan for the DAV Jalandhar Video....feel free to add more
  18. Varun

    Song Request: Surjit Bindrakhia- Kere Tere Amb Tor Ley

    Old school duet from a movie I believe. Anyone got a good quality version of it? Thanks in advance.
  19. Varun

    Nachdi Jawani Masti Mix Question n NJ's Masti routine, whats the name of their Sialkoti song? It comes in at about 2 minutes. Please post if you got it, thanks!
  20. Varun

    Punjabi Folk Videos from Gibbs (of Gibbs' Dhol Pages Fame) More great information at...