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  1. gill00

    WTH is wrong with todays generation?

    T-Shawnn LOL!
  2. gill00

    Nice Song about Mothers

    this song is pretty amazing and true GSChaggar Featuring Bakshi Billa - Maa i've attached the song if anyone wants to download it
  3. gill00

    Song Help

    Shan-e-Punjab @ Big Apple Bhangra can anyone tell me the songs at 6:40 and the second last song, right before rangla punjab thanks in advance
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    what happened boys only first period and already 4-1 ;)
  5. gill00

    Phone Help

    Hey guys just a quick question, i just got a phone (Samsung Flight) by rogers and i can't seem to set a custom ringtone to it, all i could do is set it as an alarm, i searched this up on google but no luck, could you guys help? :-[ :)
  6. gill00

    Go Crosby!

    Sydney Crosby is the man 8), so is broduer... goal on the swiss was sick
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    Whats gwaning down there? ??? :o
  8. gill00

    India Bhangra?

    Hey guys was kind of confused about this video... Is this bhangra from India? ??? ::).. sure hope not
  9. gill00

    Re: I dont know what this means.

    Moderator's note: Please don't insult other BTF members (even in implied jest).
  10. gill00

    Funniest and Dirtiest Punjabi Prankcall Ever!!!!! It's about this guy who calls an indian kebab shop trying to order something :P hhahahahah the guy who called him got pwned (gamer language) ;D
  11. gill00

    Nachdi Jawani Jrs. and Girls @ Telus Mosiac I don't know if this has been posted before :P But this is the nachdi jawani girls and boys video if you only want to see the boys skip through to 3:23 :D
  12. gill00

    Song Help

    Can someone please post the original baggeh baggeh song i have no clue whos its by and also the song that goes " shounk te kabutar adondeh baliyeh ni jatt shounk teee" i also dunt know who that is bye :P Thank you in advance ;D
  13. gill00

    Nachdi Jawani at VIBC MIX???

    Just asking but anyone out there got the mix for Nachdi Jawani @ VIBC ..........and if you do thanks in advance :)