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  1. akakilla1

    Teri/Tere Wargi by Garry Sandhu REQUEST

    DOes anyone have this song?
  2. akakilla1

    Song Request Bhangra Blowout 17 songs originals not remixed

    Nachne da mood Gidde wich from Bhangra Blowout 17(attatched), Does anyone have the original songs?
  3. akakilla1

    Kudi Botal Wargi by Bhinda Aujla REQUEST

    Hey, so I kinda lost my good copy of the song, I have just this one 30 sec mix of it, but i'm looking for the whole song.
  4. akakilla1

    new link, new host
  5. akakilla1

    Bhangra Cult 1 and 2 upload request

    Hi there, I know this is a big request but could anyone upload the albums Bhangra Cult 1 and 2?
  6. akakilla1

    Jatt bukda firee ne pee kee song artist and title?

    Anyone have that full song I know it was on a back to folk mixtape, Jat bukda fire ne pee keee.
  7. akakilla1

    Bhangra Teams Forum Dance Playlist

    OMG I'm So Pissed >:( I just made a 20 song list that was sick and clicked a link by mistake and it all got erased WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-\ Well here you go I'll restart now :D . Your know Ace and DBI got Back to folk and Absolut Bhangra Well here will be Bhangra Teams Forum's Album LOL...
  8. akakilla1

    Ace & Nana CD's where?

    Hey guys where can I find them I need em bad I had one physically but lost it. I checked media center but it takes forever to find one. BTW anyone know this one song that the boliyan is kinda not so loud but it has a loud guy goin hurrrrrrrrrrr.
  9. akakilla1

    Bhangra Outfits

    Hey guys just wondering where can i get bhangra outfits in U.S or in India and not get scammed with bad color or fabric or size. ;D
  10. akakilla1

    Our First Mix (by Me) the Dholi

    Our song from my group is lost so here's tha vid of our first performance