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  1. Govind

    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    Mariam and Kuntal, This is definitely something that is overdue and thanks for your leadership in putting this together. I think for the future of fair and well-judged competitions that will continue to help provide constructive feedback to elevate teams to the next level, a cohesive...
  2. Govind


    congratulations on an amazing performance. not only does one see a great dance here, but truly superior athleticism in all the dancers.
  3. Govind

    How much do dholis typically charge for weddings?

    I know someone getting married and they were wondering what the going rate is for having a dholi at your wedding... How much do you guys typically charge up front for playing at the baraat and reception etc...? Also note what city you live in b/c it's likely that differences in prices reflect...
  4. Govind

    Best Dholis in the circuit

    1. Nana Dholi (DCMPAA) - a true artist! 2. Karan Dholi from Detroit - Very technically skilled. Probably mentioned as "under the radar" above bc he is such a humble guy :) NOT bc he's new, he's been playing forever (from PDDS days, or even before...).
  5. Govind

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    I seem to recollect that Aman Dhaliwal performed this sher many years ago (2007-2008?)...Though I don't know who penned the original words...
  6. Govind


    From my stand point, a pagg is not a uniquely "masculine" piece of attire, the most obvious precedent being a long tradition of paggan worn by women particularly in the Arizona Sikh sect. I would defer to Ashveer here b/c he is better educated on these topics (he has corrected my ignorance on...
  7. Govind

    DCMPAA Music @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    It was great to see Nana dancing *my first time seeing him dance at a comp!* The whole DCMPAA contingent was a joy to watch - live and music and Nana and his captains have done a great job of training a new generation of dancers. Mad props and respect.
  8. Govind

    Non-desi bhangra judge?

    Jose Zuniga judged w me at Jawani Bhangra in Toronto. He did a great job and should certainly try to be a judge again.
  9. Govind

    MCB Competition Review

    Well explained Gary. I do think the OP should refrain from rumor mongering and planting assumptions and blanket statements in people's heads about an otherwise great competition, especially if he did not actually attend the show. I'm sure MCB will appreciate all suggestions and enact changes...
  10. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    In my opinion, the bottomline answer to your main points is that judges should design the rubric and ultimately be answerable to that rubric. Ideally, competitions should pick judges prior to sending out registration packets and that who the judges are is just as important as having the rubric...
  11. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    Swi, you bring up some great points which I will clarify here. You mention things that don't change from team to team...but there are many things that caught our eye! Here are examples of specific critiques we gave teams: going into a low 2nd position plie for jugni isn't enough, it's called a...
  12. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    It sounds strange, but no team would receive a perfect score in front of a panel of well-selected judges. While it's important for judging to be consistent, the judges should not always agree on everything as debate on various parts of performances (the way a performance is put together, skill...
  13. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    We gave all our scoresheets to the organizers, but digging through my email, I think this is a version of the rubric after the organizers split the comp up into live and music, but I would defer to Gary for what the comp organizers actually gave to teams...
  14. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    It was an honor to judge the Motor City Bhangra Competition this past weekend, and a privilege to judge alongside the former captains of PAU GADVASU and senior dancers on GGN Khalsa College. From the judges' standpoint, the competition was overall very well organized and congrats to Gary Khehra...
  15. Govind

    Continuing bhangra in med school?

    And as an example :) here is a small clip from our performance with all new Bhangra naive med students we trained in two months just 60-90 mins oer week...Choreographed and coached with my good friend Anirban, an md/phd candidate at Michigan and former northwestern dancer (my pink blue Jodi)...
  16. Govind

    Continuing bhangra in med school?

    Hi! Thanks for the intro Basim. Would be happy to give you some encouragement to continue Bhangra during med school :) it's definitely possible and doable. I personally found a lot of satisfaction in teaching people who knew nothing about Bhangra how to dance (most of them not Indian)...I gave...
  17. Govind

    Beats by Dre for sale

    I recently discovered these and got them for my dad...and they were amazing... next to no noise, same price as the Bose acoustic ones and WAYYYY better quality in addition to...
  18. Govind

    VIRSA Big Apple Bhangra website mix

    thanks so much vijay :) that mix is really quality and i badly need to update my playlists...
  19. Govind

    VIRSA Big Apple Bhangra website mix

    Can someone from Virsa please post up the mix that's on the website! Thanks!!!! :)
  20. Govind

    Innovations in Bhangra Fashion/Style

    There is a guy in Ludhiana all the PAU dudes go to for trimming bc he specializes in the Bhangra muchh!!! Haha Oh ya no doubt that is the freshest pagg/turla I have ever seen! Immaculate.