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    Jatinder Jargia - Sharab (HQ)
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    KS Makhan - Fight
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    Giddha Bhangra 2009 Finals Punjabi University Patalia: THIS IS NUTTTZ
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    Giddha Bhangra 2009 Winners

    Where is the full video..they have runner ups on youtube..can any1 put up the actual video!
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    Smokey the Bear Bhangra?

    The video speaks for it selff lmaoo
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    Bhangra Factoid

    This is the place for random Bhangra, Punjabi, information!...i was bored Definition of the word, Jhoomar according to Punjabi University, Patiala: same as ਝੁਮਕਾ [Jhumka], which is a dome-shaped pendant for the ear; eardrop. ; a circular folk dance, also known as ਭੁੰਮਰ[Bhummar]
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    The Bhangra Kid (Desi Spoof of Karate Kid)
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    What is Jugni, Where did she/it come from? The answer we were looking for !!

    The History of Jugni By Karamjit Singh Aujla. Translated by Gurjant Singh. Originally Published in Punjabi Tribune 24th Sept 2005. The popularity of Jugni has always touched the hearts of Panjabi mentality. She became a permanent part in the Panjabi folklore right since the ancient times. But...
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    Importance of GTV

    What GTV has done for the Bhangra community is outstanding. Harjot and his amazing camera have gone to competitions and taken amazing video of teams that some of us would have never seen. This has lead to more competition, which is good, because this makes people want to learn more and do...
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    Bhangra Presentation

    Since we are mostly here for the same reason of loving bhangra and loving punjabi culture... I think we should work on a powerpoint presentation/video presentation of what bhangra is. It should include: 1. History/Origins of different folk dances 2. Definition 3. Show different moves...