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  1. Ashwin

    Sean Kingston stealing bhangra stunts Don't know if this has already been posted, but go to 3:40ish...haha, I was laughing my ass off
  2. Ashwin

    Indiana Jones sucks, don't waste your $

    Hey guys, just thought I'd warn you. Indiana Jones 4 sucks. It makes the Temple of Doom look like the Godfather. Save your $10, don't see it, and for God's sake please don't listen to the critics who seem to have their heads shoved so far up George Lucas's ass they can see the prop lightsaber...
  3. Ashwin

    Competitions - What annoys teams the most?

    Hey fellas, How do competition organizational boards annoy you and your team the most? Is 8 AM run throughs that they INSIST you be on time for but they can't manage to keep on schedule themselves? Is it judging related? Is it bad afterparties? Lame socials? To me the thing that gets me is...