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    Gary Bassi - Mirza ft Harvi Bhachu

    Hey guys, Make sure you check out our latest release, Mirza, by Gary Bassi and music by Harvi Bhachu. Free Download available now through my soundcloud page. Enjoy :)
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    We Are All Sikhs - Harvi Bhachu & Hargo Boparai ft Sati Chohan & Fateh Singh

    "We Are All Sikhs" - Hargo Boparai & Harvi Bhachu Featuring Sati Chohan & Fateh Singh Download here for FREE: ** FREE DOWNLOAD ** In wake of the tragedies that have hit the Sikh community in America; successful North...
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    Harvi Bhachu - Chak Deya Ge ft Sati Chohan PROMO - OUT AUG 9th

    Hey BTF, Here's a glimpse of our upcoming release "Chak Deya Ge". Track will be out August 9th 2012 on iTunes.
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    Fansi - Sati Chohan & Harvi Bhachu -

    Fansi – March 23rd 1931 Writer/Vocalist – Sati Chohan Music – Harvi Bhachu Label – Bol Punjab De Download for Free:
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    CO-ED team Needed in FRESNO CA - Nov 26th, 2011

    Whats up everyone, I need a co-ed team for a gig in Fresno, CA on November 26th, 2011. Its a Lunch reception from 12 - 7pm.. Looking for at least 3 joris If interested, please message me with Video Clips and Pricing. Thanks, Nix
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    October 2011 Mix - enjoy
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    September 2011 Mix -

    :P -Nix
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    August 2011 Mix -

    New Music, New Mix. Download It Stream It Fold it up and toss it like a paper airplane! (idk :P ) -Nix
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    July 2011 Mix -

    Whats up friends, Brand new mix, full of new music. Log on now check it out. also, if you guys enjoy the mixes, please take a few seconds to hit like on our facebook fan page Thanks =)
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    June 2011 Mix -

    This one was inspired by my boy AJ Rai Check it out
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    may 2k11 mix -

    nama mix, check kar lo
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    April 2011 Mix -

    Finally got it posted. Log on and check it out. Thanks
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    Need a Bhangra Team May 29th in Fremont CA

    Whats up BTF, Need a bhangra team for a gig performance on May 29th, 2011 in Fremont CA. Can be all guys, all girls or co-ed, as long as its a fun and energetic routine. Venue is Chandini Restaurant in the Fremont area. Looking for a 7-10 minute routine with at least 6 dancers. PM with...
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    March 2011 Mix -

    New mix posted up for March. Check it out
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    Feb 2011 Mix - Valentines Special -

    Log on to and download Cheers!
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    Bol Punjab De - Gera De Patlo (remix)

    Download Now at Bol Punjab De Exclusive - Gera De Patlo (remix) fea Jaswant Randhawa, Young Fateh
  17. B - January 2011 Mix + help

    Whats up everyone, Been a bit busy, but finally got a mix posted. This one is a bit different yet similar to how I usually do them. Check it out on the site now Also, Every February I've done a Valentines Special. This time around, wanted to try something different...
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    December 2010 Mix -

    Whats up everyone. Had to put up one last mix for the year. Check it out More Exclusives coming for you guys before we close out the year, STAY TUNED TO UR BOYYY! -Nix =)
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    Dholi Needed - XMAS Morning - Stockton CA

    Need a Dholi for a Walk in at the Stockton Gurdwara on xmas morning. 15-20 minute gig. Competitive pay. (message me to negotiate)
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    November 2k10 Mixes -

    Whats up people, Got a brand new bhangra mix posted on the site. Features all new bhangra tracks. Log on now to download. Also, for my friends on BTF, got a free party mix for you guy this month. A 1 hour mix featuring bhangra, hip hop and top 40 tunes. (contains...