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  1. Remy

    nachdi bolyian - ranjit rana song request

    never mind, found it. mods can delete this post.
  2. Remy

    song request

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 5:28?
  3. Remy

    song request for dj king brar- charkha

    Did a search but it only yielded expired links :-\ Couldn't find it on youtube or google either. Help lol
  4. Remy

    Song remix request

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to remix this song for me? Pleej lol. [] S Klass - Jatt Diyan Reesan FULL VIDEO Also Please send any current remixes of this song my way. I had initially heard it in one of jasraj lailna's mixes but he only mixed a little clip of it. I...
  5. Remy

    song requests (tag coed @ bruin)

    Toronto Allstar Girls Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 Can someone tell me the names of the songs that start from 0:53 to 1:14 and from 1:16 to 1:36 and lastly the song at 3:40. Thanks!
  6. Remy

    URGENT! how do I unlock an iphone 4?

    How do I unlock an at&t iphone 4 version 5.1 firmware: 04.12.01? Seeing as it an at&t phone, I contacted at&t as I am aware that they have begun unlocking their iphones for free but they wouldn't help me out because I am not an at&T customer.... those bastards - lol If anyone can help...
  7. Remy

    Bhangra Idols 2012 Best Of The West Vids

    Hey guys here are the videos I uploaded. I was able to record everyone except ava. Enjoy! SFBC SFBC Panj Girls Panj Girls.MOV Bhangra Republik Bhangra Republik Bhangra Syndicate Bhangra Syndicate Jawani Girls Jawani Girls Nachde Shokeen (Exhibition Act) Nachde Shokeen...
  8. Remy

    song help

    ---deleted--- i found it :)
  9. Remy

    Sher Punjab De 2012 Placings

    Senior: 1st place: BC CULTURAL 2nd place: PFA Junior: 1st place: Shan-E-Girls 2nd place: Shan-E-Boys 3rd place: Bhangra Beat & East West Collaborations Thank you to the teams and to everyone that came out this weekend and helped to make the show a success! Congratulations to all of the...
  10. Remy

    dj lil sandhu - pata chalgea song request

    I tried finding it with the search button but to no avail... help!
  11. Remy

    aman hayer and benny dhaliwal tribute to kuldeep manak

    not sure if it's been posted but check it out. Awesome song. Tribute to the Legend- Kuldeep Manak (RIP) - Best Tribute [from Aman Hayer]
  12. Remy

    song request

    nvm i got it also is there not a thread delete button or did i miss it?
  13. Remy

    nachdi jawani @ bhangra idols 2011 mix request

    Just wondering if nachdi was going to post their mix up anytime soon. thanks
  14. Remy

    Song request

    anyone know the names of the songs played at 2:25 and 6:46? Holla Nachdi Jawani at Bhangra Idols Best Of The Best 2011
  15. Remy

    song request: the dark mc - jadoo

    Anybody have this song? Holla THE DARK MC - JAADU - RETRIBUTION THE OFFICIAL VIDEO
  16. Remy

    Urgent! song requests

    Hey guys I am in need of a couple songs. Jason kataria's Kudiye Badham Rangiye mix and DJ lil sandhu's Chori Chori Thakhna I tried the search function but to no avail. Help! Thanks
  17. Remy

    dbi 3 - absolut bhangra - tharti hildi song request

    Does anybody have this song? Hollaaa
  18. Remy

    iphone autocorrect is too funny!! ahahah this site is too funny!!
  19. Remy

    remix request - ks makhan-dasna ni penda

    this song inspires me to remix. Too bad i don't know Can someone please remix this song for me? Making it a tad bit faster while adding some dhol and various other sound effects to make it sound more upbeat and danceable would be great! dasna ni penda
  20. Remy