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  1. Jasmit Gill

    Summertime Magic Vol. 2 | Ft. Teg Hans

    After 6 months in the making, I present to you the sequel of Summertime Magic 2019. Shoutout to @TegHans for contributing one of the best parts of this mix! Any feedback would be much appreciated, always looking to learn more :)
  2. Jasmit Gill

    My Punjaban Señorita

    Around a year ago, I made this mix, and I was excited to release it. However, as we all know, SoundCloud copyright is one of the most painful things to deal with. After trying many times and using many methods to get the track up on SoundCloud, I was unable to do so (the only way I could do it...
  3. Jasmit Gill

    Anyone have Vasdhi by Kulvinder Johal?

    I can't seem to find any of the songs from the mundeh Panjabi album on the internet. It can be found on apple music but that's it. I'm referring to the songs in this thread
  4. Jasmit Gill

    DCMPAA 1st @ RDR 2019

    This mix has been through numerous variations but 6 months later here it is. Feedback would be much appreciated
  5. Jasmit Gill

    OLD PIND ROAD | Punjabi mix

    I was just fcking around and put this together lmao
  6. Jasmit Gill

    List of Tips and Tricks on Making Acapellas Without Instrumentals

    We all know that Punjabi songs have little to none instrumentals open for the public. Here is a thread where DJs could share their tips on making good acapellas for a solid mix. I'm no expert to this but I make my acapellas by: 1. Putting a high pass cutting out the low frequencies sometimes...
  7. Jasmit Gill

    DCMPAA 1ST Place Mix @ East Coast Showdown

    Here is my 1st place mix i made. This took a long time mostly because i am fairly new compared to other djs but let me know your thoughts on the mix. This was done in Ableton
  8. Jasmit Gill

    Looking for algoze loops

    Does anyone have any free algoze loops?? Ive been looking all around and cant find any, Thx
  9. Jasmit Gill

    Looking for this Dhad Loop

    Ive heard this dhad loop in alot of mixes especially jhoomer. Here is an example of what im talking ab starts at around 34 seconds
  10. Jasmit Gill

    Punjabi Mini Mashup (Feedback)

    Hey, I'm a fairly new DJ and I recently made this track in Ableton and it would be nice if you guys could leave feedback for this track. Any pointers or anything of that sorts.
  11. Jasmit Gill

    Any Free Loops

    Can someone link any free dhol/dholki/algoze/tumbi/dhad/etc loops. it would really help
  12. Jasmit Gill

    How to isolate vocals or vice versa in Punjabi Songs

    I use abelton Live and was wondering a good way to isolate vocals since most songs dont have instrumentals.
  13. Jasmit Gill

    Flower City Bhangra Predictions (Senior)

    Line up is stacked
  14. Jasmit Gill

    Flower City Bhangra Predictions (Junior Category)

    There are 2 categories for FCB so this vote is just for the junior category. I think all teams are very strong and its gonna be a close race. Since there are only 3 teams, im not 100% sure but i believe there will only be a first place.
  15. Jasmit Gill

    Urgent! Help I need to find this sound effect

    I need this sound effect fast for a mix coming up but its teh swoosh or blow sound effect idk what it is exaclty but its extremely common and you can hear it in the linked mix. Nj uses it alot too. Thanks AT 38 SECONDS ADN 48 SECONDS
  16. Jasmit Gill

    2 Questions ab FL Studio

    1) does someone know a good way to get fl studio for free ik tie cheap but like there has to be a way 2) can someone teach me or link me to a good tutorial for fl studio and mixing/transitioning in do studio. Tutorials for Punjabi music only since the other music type tutorials don’t really help
  17. Jasmit Gill

    [Help] Can someone help me find this sound effect

    Can someone help me find this high pitch build up in this mix by JSM and can you guys link me other transition sound effects. I am aware of the other thread of sound effects but I don’t find anything in that folder helpful
  18. Jasmit Gill

    Need help With my mix

    I'm pretty new to making mixes and coming from a strong background in video editing so this is for a performance. The thing is my transitions are pretty bad, the way I see ppl do it is with an increasing pitch sound effect. I just can't seem to find it anywhere online and I know lots of ppl use...