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  1. MohitoK

    Gabroo Gulab Wargey @ BSM 2019 Mix

    Had a blast making this mix with my (actual!) brother Amit aka Legitamit. Huge shoutout to Dee, Daljeet and Armaan for working with us throughout the process and providing some great song ideas. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. MohitoK

    OMG Bhangra @ HCB 2018 Mix

  3. MohitoK

    Vibe @ BSM (Critique Please!)

    What's up BTF! I've started having more time to dedicate to mixing for teams so I'm trying to become more active. I just mixed for Vibe at BSM (the first 5:30 of the mix) and would love feedback. Tools: - DAW: Ableton Live 9 - Mastering: Izotope Ozone - Drum and dhol compression: Waves LA-2A...
  4. MohitoK

    Cal Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout [1st Place]

    Hi BTF, Here's Cal Bhangra's performance at Blowout this year! It was a pleasure being captains of Cal and having the opportunity to take the team in a new stylistic direction while trying to live up to the dancing excellence of past iterations of our team. We are so proud of the dedication...
  5. MohitoK

    Cal Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 2016

    Hey BTF, Here's Cal's performance video from Bruin 2016. Shoutout once again to Harjot for the high quality video. We had a great time at Bruin this year competing against an absolutely incredible lineup. Thank you Guransh for being a solid liaison and Vaibhav for helping us work through all...
  6. MohitoK

    Cal Bhangra @ CSUN 2016

    Here's our video from CSUN last month! Shoutout to Amit for the fire mix as usual. I would really appreciate feedback and critiques on the dancing and set, it'll help us improve in future performances. Mix: Performance: ! No longer...
  7. MohitoK

    Cal Bhangra @ West Coast Bhangra - Please don't Post!!!

    If anyone has a performance video I would appreciate it if you could message me the link. Congratulations to RB and VDS for their placings and a huge thank you to the WCB committee for throwing a great show!
  8. MohitoK

    Cal Bhangra @ Legacy of Bhangra 2015 [2nd place]

    Hey guys, here's Cal Bhangra's mix and 2nd place performance at LOB. We would love to hear your critiques and thoughts so we can incorporate them while creating our future sets. A huge thank you to the LOB committee and our liaisons for throwing a well organized competition and making us feel...