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  1. Romy

    Looking for Jawani Bhangra's Boston Bhangra 2010 video!

    Hi all, this may be a long shot but thought I'd try anyways. Does anyone have videos from Boston Bhangra 2010? Specifically Jawani Bhangra's Boston Bhangra performance from 2010? Recently, a Jawani Bhangra alumni who danced with us at Boston Bhangra 2010 passed away and we wanted to send her...
  2. Romy

    Big 10 Bhangra - Predictions

    Let's see your predictions folks! Who will win? Who's your top three? It's definitely a stacked lineup!
  3. Romy

    Your favorite bhangra song sang by a female?

    Hi everyone! There might be something special in the works and I need input from the BTF Community! I would like to know what is everyone's favorite bhangra song sang by a female? What song do you think of when you think female + bhangra? For example, the first song that pops into my head when I...
  4. Romy

    2015-2016 Bhangra Season Recap: Your Opinions Wanted!

    Hi everyone! Last year I created a thread where I asked a few questions about that past season and what you were looking forward to for the next season. It got great responses and I thought we should have a similar thread for this past season! Everyone has different opinions and it'll be nice to...
  5. Romy

    Bhangra Blowout Lineup

    Didn't see it posted here yet and it was announced a few days ago. Bruin Bhangra Buckeye Bhangra CMU Bhangra Cornell Bhangra Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) GMU Bhangra Michigan Bhangra Team (MBT) UNC Bhangra Elite UVA Di Shaan I think this is an awesome lineup and will make for a great competition. A...
  6. Romy

    2014-2015 Bhangra season recap: Your opinions

    This type of thread was done a few years ago and I thought it was interesting, so I thought we should have one for this season since the 2014/2015 Bhangra season is technically over. Let's hear your opinions on what was the best and worst of this season: 1. Which routine was your favourite? 2...
  7. Romy

    bhangra in the burgh live update!

    Columbia is up first! A few mistakes and stage size made for some squished formations but still good way to start the show! Liked the phumaniya and the little creative add ons to the choreo.
  8. Romy

    FCB/GOB/SMD/DCBC/VCU/FAUJ Collaboration at a wedding reception

    Hi everyone! I wanted to personally post this amazing and wonderful collaboration performance that took place at mine and Jasmeet's wedding reception from this past weekend. I wanted the BTF world to see how awesome and kick-ass this performance was. I've never seen so many dancers on the...
  9. Romy

    Jawani Bhangra - Bruin 2013 mix

    Hi everyone! I've attached our recent mix from Bruin Bhangra 2013. Thank you thank you thank you to Sean Kumar who stepped in with only a few weeks left before Bruin, overhauled and made our mix. We all understand there is a lot of work involved in making a good mix and Sean was absolutely...
  10. Romy

    Bhangra intro at TOIFA (Times of India Film Awards) 2013 in Vancouver!

    Yesterday we had the Times of India Film Awards hosted here in Vancouver and bhangra started off the show! The teams that were participating were Vancity Bhangra, Shan-e Punjab, UBC Girlz and South Asian Arts. Here's a clip of their routine! TOIFA 2013 Vancouver - Bhangra Opening Rumours are...
  11. Romy

    Bruin bhangra show order

    Edit: Was sent the lineup but seems like Bruin Bhangra posted it right when I did! 1. First Class Bhangra 2. DRP 3. Bhangra Empire 4. Gabroo Punjabis 5. SMD 6. Cal Bhangra 7. TAG/SGPD 8. AEG 9. Bhangra Knights 10. ABC :)
  12. Romy

    Song help - BX Bhangra at Bhangra Fever 2009

    Hi everyone! I've been looking for this song for a while now and it's been a fail so far. Could someone please tell me what song is playing at 6:13? BX Bhangra at Bhangra Fever 2009 I even went through old threads where the mix and this video was posted in but no luck with those. Help...
  13. Romy

    Bhangra in the Burgh Results!

    First: UNC Bhangra Elite Second: DCMPAA Third: AEG Congrats to all the teams! Can't wait to see the videos.
  14. Romy

    Up and coming videographer/photographer - Please help support him

    Hi everyone! I recently helped out a friend build his videography & photography portfolio and in doing so we made this small and simple music video. The song we used is called faux kiss (esjay remix) and it's sung amazingly by Raveena Aurora. Please check it out and help out an up and coming...
  15. Romy

    Project Conversion - Twelve Months of Spiritual Promiscuity

    Hey guys! I've recently stumbled upon a blog about a man (Andrew Bowen) whom follows a different religion every month for a year. His blogs are quite informative and entertaining. All of September, he's a Sikh. He is following Sikhi to a T, such as following all 5K's, reciting jap ji sahib and...
  16. Romy

    Jawani Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra - Upper Balcony View

    Jawani Bhangra - Bruin Bhangra 2011 Upper Balcony View Thank you to Mr. Nuffsauce for recording it for us
  17. Romy

    NHL Playoffs Thread

    NHL Playoffs (best time of the year) are upon us. Who's excited?! Thought I'd start a thread so we can keep up to date with what's going on. List your predictions too! This is where my allegiance lies. Revenge is coming: The Vancouver Canucks :: Revenge of the Fallen
  18. Romy

    Punjabi Superstitions

    I'm not really a superstitious person, but I know of a few superstitions some punjabi folks follow. For example: boys not allowed to eat meat on certain days & girls not allowed to wash their hair on certain days or it's bad luck. I've heard of others where you're supposed to handle scissors...
  19. Romy

    Bhangra team needed for a block party in Vancouver

    Hey everyone! This is kind of short notice but there is a need for a bhangra team on Sept. 12th at the Oakridge Block Party. Their organization contacted an organization I'm part of to help out and they are really set on having a bhangra team perform. We've contacted a few but we understand...
  20. Romy

    If you could make one movie...

    About any event or person in history, remake a movie, make a movie based on a book or do a sequel to a movie, what would you make and why? I'm giving you a lot of options here. :)