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  1. Hans

    Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts - Looking for Sikh-Themed Scripts

    Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts: First off, an introduction, since I've been off of these boards for a longtime. My name is Hans Sahni, and I'm an ex-bhangra captain turned film director/producer. I'm a graduate film/TV student in my last semester at Chapman University in Orange...
  2. Hans

    Re: "Golden Age" of Bhangra?

    Ah, that was the golden age if you ask me. The more I think about it there are actually a bunch of comps that had killer 2nd years. VIBC 2005 was another big one. The placings were UBC, VIBE (on their last performance), and People's when they did the crazy conductor gimmick I think.
  3. Hans

    Columbia Bhangra Mixes

    All the cool kids are doing it, so I'll do my part and share as well. Here's our mix from Blowout this year. I can also post up the mix from last year's Blowout and/or Boston. The reason I'm not posting them right away is because they take a bit of extra work to remove the gimmicks that aren't...
  4. Hans

    What is "traditionality"?

    It's the ultimate question, and it's dominated the bhangra scene for the past 2-3 years. The beginning of the mass movement towards "traditional" bhangra seems to have begun with TBT. Sure, there were teams like Gabroo Shokeen and SIAC that existed before TBT, and their routines were much closer...