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  1. Gugu

    Virse De Waris @ Dhol Di Awaz 13 - Video

    Here is our video from last night: Virse De Waris @ Dhol Di Awaz 13 (2010) [1st Place] Had an absolute blast performing with my brothers again, after a long break. Feels amazing to have won the same competition we started the team out at 2 years ago. Hope you all enjoy the video. Shoutout to...
  2. Gugu

    Mike Vick

    What a boss.
  3. Gugu

    Virse De Waris @ Bruin Bhangra 2010

    Hey guys, Here's our video from Bruin: Virse De Waris - Bruin Bhangra 2010 On behalf of Virse De Waris, I'd like to say that we had a blast at Bruin. I wanna thank the bruin committee for putting on the funnest bhangra comp/weekend VDW has been to. Shoutout to Guriqbal from PANJ for being...
  4. Gugu

    Virse De Waris - Giant Video Request

    First of all, I just wanted to thank giant committee for giving us the opportunity to perform at their competition again this year. Congrats to Regiment for 3rd, and LSD - a very clean performance, you boys are badass. And if it wasn't for last night kickin it with you guys, this comp coulda...
  5. Gugu

    Bhangra comps this summer?

    Hi, I would like to know which bhangra comps are happening this summer, other than Masti and Bruin. We are looking to perform at a few comps this summer, and would like to know what is left for the rest of this season. We are looking for live competitions preferably. Are TBYF and PFDF taking...
  6. Gugu

    Song help

    I heard this song in a mix, it goes somethin like "ni tu akhan cho sharab dol na, mundiya nu char joo ni mundiya nu char joo..." Does that ring a bell to anyone? If so, please post it here, thanks!
  7. Gugu

    Panga Instrumental?

    Does anyone have it? Please post it up if you do.
  8. Gugu

    Virse De Waris - Giant 2009 Mix and Video

    Here you guys go.. the mix is attached. And here's the video again, the other one got deleted from youtube so we posted it again:
  9. Gugu

    Virse De Waris - DDA 09 Mix (Klasikhz)

    Hope yall enjoy. Props to my boy Iqwak and Klasikhz for making this piece. Look out for the Giant mix!
  10. Gugu

    Virse De Waris - DDA XI Performance

    Hey all, We had a great time performing at DDA, and hanging out with all the teams that were here. Here is our first performance, at DDA XI. Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Hope yall enjoy: -Gurshant Grewal Virse De Waris
  11. Gugu

    Nas - Untitled

    How'd yall like it? Mine's still in the mail, too lazy to go pick it up. I'll post a review soon if anyone cares. But so far what yall think bout the album?
  12. Gugu

    Favorite India Team

    We've debated about American teams forever, now lets see what you guys think of teams from India. I personally haven't seen a better performance than GGN Khalsa's 5 min clip. That or Lyallpur's unbeatable bhangra does the job for me. What's your guys' favorite bhangra team/video from India?
  13. Gugu

    Berkeley Di Tohar @ Giant Bhangra 2008

    Hey guys, This is our first competitive performance. Here's the link: Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Enjoy! -Gurshant BDT