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  1. Joda

    Bhangra Team needed for mela in Arizona.

    Im looking to hire a bhangra team to perform at a mela in Arizona on April 4th, 2015. Any team near or around the area preferred. Transportation and hotels will be paid for along with a payment for the performance. Any teams interested please message me on Facebook at...
  2. Joda

    Boys Bhangra Team Tryouts - San Jose, CA

    Try outs for boys bhangra team in the bay area.November 8, 2014 SJSU Event Page for more info:
  3. Joda

    Best Soundcloud DJ's

    Dj Hard-E - dj and producer
  4. Joda

    Please stop bringing Jus Reign to comps

    Ikagar who recently hosted DDA was on point... or worse comes to worse.. ill do it =] .. if being drunk on stage is ok with the committee ;) lol jk
  5. Joda

    Bruin Bhangra XV: The Artist

  6. Joda

    SPD Nachde Punjabiz Bhangra Comp Mix!!

    i liked it.. well done! =]
  7. Joda

    Which song should I use for my brother's bday slideshow?

    Chote tera Birthday aaya
  8. Joda

    DDA Team Hotel..

    So DDA isnt having an official team hotel so i was trying to see where other team coming are staying or if majority havent picked one and would like, we can choose one amongst ourselves... cuz isnt that really half the fun? plus not like theres an after party.
  9. Joda

    little late...apd/boston ..sesh with gurmeet..enjoy!1

    amazing.. and that mirza song is nasty!.. especially if he wrote it himself!
  10. Joda

    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    ending boli and the band in general were f**king sick!!
  11. Joda

    Nachdi Jawani @ Big Apple Bhangra 2011 HD

    i dunno if it its just me but doesnt the singer sound a bit like jaspinder bhalla ( i dunno if thts his name.. but the chacha from those chankata mela new year )
  12. Joda

    Best Pagg Tier On Circuit?

    not to rep em cuz hes my boi and ties for our team and all... but i honestly think Charan from v-dubb ties some of the most comfortable and best looking paggan.
  13. Joda

    Warrior Bhangra Poll - Music Category

  14. Joda

    Any Best Bhangra Line of Your!

    das tera pind kehda surma.. ne jena sanu hath powna
  15. Joda

    Harleen Singh-Long Gawacha

    is she asking me to kill black ppl??.... just cuz u lost it doesn't mean they stole it. immaturity aside... go harleen!!!
  16. Joda

    UC Davis Giddha: Sammi @ Dhol Di Awaz 13 (GTVHD)

    props to UC Davis Giddha, always bringing a great performence to the stage... and even more props to my boi farhan dholi for killing it!!!
  17. Joda

    AMPD's Singer Ishmeet Narula-Ik Jindree Ft Bikram Singh & DDS

    yeeeee... muni!!!!!! this girls amazing!
  18. Joda

    new newphew names needed :)