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    ASG Official SoundCloud
  2. Dj ASG

    Sidhu(VOT) Chamkila Cover & London De Laare I also started a new project. tweet your favourite song on twitter with a hashtag #asgrequest and I will make a mix for it. share this with your family and friends! enjoy
  3. Dj ASG

    May Mashup Mega Mix

    follow me on soundcloud to keep yourself updated on Punjabi music. download for satisfy is now up
  4. Dj ASG

    Satisfya - Imran Khan - ASG Signature Dhol Mix
  5. Dj ASG

    Putt Saradaran De Dhol Mix. Lil Daku ft. Harry Panu
  6. Dj ASG

    NSG SinCity Official Mix 2013
  7. Dj ASG

    BCBG SinCity Official Mix 2013
  8. Dj ASG

    Modern Heer - ASG Mix i just got back from fever and this is the first thing i did lol. enjoy
  9. Dj ASG

    TAG NACS 2013 Mix
  10. Dj ASG

    Yaar Bathere Remix
  11. Dj ASG

    TAG Bhangra Tryouts Jan 19. 2013 @ HOB 6-8PM
  12. Dj ASG

    follow me on soundcloud

    follow me on soundcloud guys. i always post the mixis there and also some random tracks
  13. Dj ASG

    TAG Burgh Tech Time Video
  14. Dj ASG

    TAG Burgh 2012 Mix

    this might be my last mix, hope you guys like it
  15. Dj ASG

    TAG @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2012

  16. Dj ASG

    halo 4

    whoever is getting halo 4 add me on xbox live. gamertag: DJASG
  17. Dj ASG

    Post Bruin Bhangra TAG Mix - new

    this was the mix we were using before we finalized the set.
  18. Dj ASG

    SGPD BAB 3 video

    feel free to post the sgpd bab 3 video. thanks
  19. Dj ASG

    acidpro on macbook?

    iv always used a pc for everything. but now im thinking of buying a macbook. can i still get acidpro on it? and alot of my songs sometimes are in .wma and other formats, so is that going to limit my chioces. if anybody mixes on both computers let me know if its the same expreince and which one...
  20. Dj ASG

    TAG Pao 2012 Mix - NEWW

    we were planning on going to PAO this year and i was in the process of making this mix. i didnt finish it but might as well let you guys listen to it