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  1. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkar @ Raniyaan di Raunaq 2019

    Hi everyone! SDS is super excited to release our video from RDR 2019. But first, a couple of thank yous... Our boys on Furteelay for constantly pushing us to work hard, letting us borrow chadre+saaps, and just being awesome people in general :) Our Dholi, Simer, for holding it down on stage for...
  2. priyanka.ram1997

    2018-2019 Competitive Season Review

    Hi everyone!! I really liked reading the responses to @Howie Magz 's post on last year's competitive season so I thought I would start it up again! Feel free to add more categories :) Best Coed Team: Best All Guys Team: Best All Girls Team: Best US Team: Best Canadian Team: Best UK Team: Best...
  3. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkar @ Naach Di Cleveland and Championships of Bhangra 2019

    Hi everyone! Here are SDS’s performances from Naach Di Cleveland and Championships of Bhangra, we hope you all enjoy and we would love to hear any feedback that you all have. :) A couple of shoutouts/thank yous: -Pabla and DJ Kak for making our siiiick mixes, thank you for being so easy to...
  4. priyanka.ram1997

    qualifications for judging?

    Something @naachdicle did this year that I really appreciated is that once they decided on their panel of judges, their judges liaison reached out to each of the team captains and made sure they were okay with all of the judges and more specifically the ones that had some kind of affiliation...
  5. priyanka.ram1997

    qualifications for judging?

    I think this definitely brings up an issue of how new judges can start their judging career. There's definitely gonna be a point where the well respected judges that we all like are gonna stop judging...what happens then? If we don't open the door to newer judges then I feel like it will become...
  6. priyanka.ram1997

    qualifications for judging?

    Don't really remember how it exactly worked, but what happened to Union of Bhangra judges? Did it help at all with this issue?
  7. priyanka.ram1997

    Standard for lineup selection

    Especially when a good amount of money goes into applying for a competition ?
  8. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkar (Second Place) @ Queen City Bhangra

    Hey Howie!! thank you for your comments :) do you have any tips on what we can do to increase our execution when it comes to nakhra? since we have very little time together as a group we end up spending our time just cleaning choreo/doing formations. Would love to hear any ideas you have so that...
  9. priyanka.ram1997

    Circle City Bhangra Update

    Sad to hear this, CCB was definitely the most well-run competition I have ever been to! Good luck next year :)
  10. priyanka.ram1997

    LOOKING TO BUY CHADRE!! - Sherniyan Di Sarkar

    Hi Everyone!! SDS is looking to buy 16 chadre (used or new)! We are looking for plain colored ones and we have attached a picture of our vardiyan colors below. We would like to have them shipped to us by Oct. 28th. If you know anyone selling them please message me! Colors we're looking for: Red...
  11. priyanka.ram1997

    Biggest struggle in bhangra and how you overcame it?

    My biggest struggle has definitely been feeling like I have plateaued as a dancer. I get super frustrated when I don't see an improvement in my dancing (whether its form, energy, nakhra, etc.) and I get discouraged when I don't see a positive change. Still tryna figure out how to get over that...
  12. priyanka.ram1997

    2017-2018 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: Didn't have one this year fr :( Best All Guys Team: Furteelay/Soormay Best All Girls Team: Royal Queenz Best US Team: FCB Best Canadian Team: NJFL Best Collegiate Team: if I haaad to pick then it'd be UNC Favorite Male Dancer: Jagmeet (SPD), Dhir (FS/FCB), Saagar (FCB) :rolleyes...
  13. priyanka.ram1997

    India's first differently abled Bhangra team

    Saw this on Facebook the other day and it made me so happy! That's what I love about bhangra so so much, your abilities could never hold you back from pursuing and enjoying this art form :)
  14. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Motor City Bhangra and Circle City Bhangra

    here's the official video from Circle City Bhangra :)
  15. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Motor City Bhangra and Circle City Bhangra

    Hi everyone! Here are SDS's performances from the past two weekends at Motor City and Circle City. We hope you all enjoy and please send any constructive feedback our way. I'm unbelievably proud of the girls for all of the time, effort, and passion they have put into these performances and I am...
  16. priyanka.ram1997

    Queen City Bhangra Competition (registration now open)

    So excited to hear about this comp, the Aronoff stage is beautiful :) Good luck to you guys!
  17. priyanka.ram1997

    Buckeye Mela XI Predictions and Judges!

    1) Furteelay 2) UNC 3) KPGD
  18. priyanka.ram1997

    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Tashan 2017

    Here's a better quality video of front/back row! S/O to Alvin Alex for the sick videography :)