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  1. Joda

    Bhangra Team needed for mela in Arizona.

    Im looking to hire a bhangra team to perform at a mela in Arizona on April 4th, 2015. Any team near or around the area preferred. Transportation and hotels will be paid for along with a payment for the performance. Any teams interested please message me on Facebook at...
  2. Joda

    Boys Bhangra Team Tryouts - San Jose, CA

    Try outs for boys bhangra team in the bay area.November 8, 2014 SJSU Event Page for more info:
  3. Joda

    DDA Team Hotel..

    So DDA isnt having an official team hotel so i was trying to see where other team coming are staying or if majority havent picked one and would like, we can choose one amongst ourselves... cuz isnt that really half the fun? plus not like theres an after party.
  4. Joda

    needed some old songs...

    my dad keeps bugging me to burn him some songs from the wadali brothers... i was wondering if anyone had any they could post =]
  5. Joda

    help finding earrings...

    im trynna find out where i can get a pair of those round flat earrings kinda like the ones dudes wearing at 1:11 in this =]
  6. Joda


    ok so i kno in cali we call fobs fobs because it stands for fresh of the boat.... but whts dipper mean?? like i was just looking for an explanation why its used?
  7. Joda

    what territory produces the best teams?

    imma go ahead and represent my howntown and say ... in my opinion, the bay area: so far has made some of the most dominate teams: Gabroo Shokeen Bhangra Empire Heeray