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    Sportsmanship in Bhangra

    Hey BTFers, Normally, people associate a kind of cut-throat attitude between bhangra teams, but every now and then you run across acts of kindness, and with it being close to the holidays, we on Rangla Punjab felt especially compelled to recognize Ehna Sona Punjab Nachda (ESPN) for their...
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    People's Bhangra @ SOCAL 2009

    Really old video I found on my comp...its funny to think how much the seen has changed and to look back to see (or think) how much one can grow as a dancer. hope you enjoy.People's Bhangra at SOCAL 09
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    Saw this and New it had to be Posted under the info: "The best bhangra I've ever choreographed and performed" side note: i'm pretty sure the "paghs" are head bands with fake turlay
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    Team Khadur Sahib Zonal Youth Festival of 2008

    this video is really really on point...nice fits too.
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    MIMIT @ PTU Interzonal '09 outfits look liek heeray haha and the guy on the right is fierce is dropping his saap going into jhoomer
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    Sikh national college Bhangra 2009

    not that bad. nice to see a india team in colored fits.
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    People's Bhangra @ UCSD Culture Show 2009

    Hey guy's this is our last performance of the year. Hope you enjoy it. This would have been our Giant Routine had we decided to go.
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    People's Bhangra @ Csun 2009 Here is our video from this competition...We admit our mistakes and welcome any and all criticisms.
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    CSUN Bhangra 2009 Lineup

    1. Anakh Punjab Di 2. Bhangra Regiment 3. Bhangra Knights 4. Rangla Punjab 5. Texas Bhangra 6. People's Bhangra 7. Truskool Folk 8. J.A.T.T.
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    Male Dancer needed for People's Bhangra

    Calling all southern california male free agent bhangra dancers. We will be competing at CSUN Bhangra Competition March 14th and South Asian Dance Dimensions March 28th (Princeton, NJ). Contrary to what you may think we are a traditionally flavored team. Must have prior dance experience...
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    Sher Foundation at Staples Center

    heres a facebook link...if anyone else has any videos upload them.
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    song request - nachdi jawani toddler video does any one know the song at 3min that goes "shera de puth kade na darde" cheers
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    NBA performance Bulldog 2008

    ....aight so it's not Bulldog 2008, but it is NBA. technically its NBA before they became NBA...CSUN Mutiyaaran.
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    song request - teriyaan meriyaan

    yo does anyone have this song i only have a snip it of it and the quality is kinda wack. kush---come thru
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    People's Bhangra Tryouts!

    Sorry for the late notice, but if you are interested click on the link below...
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    bhangra in melbourne, australia

    hey guys, i was wondering if anyone on this forum is from australia, particularly melbourne. i am currently in melbourne right now and am missing my bhangra. i thought there was a scene here, but haven't found anything yet. if you know anything hit me up. thanks
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    UCSD People's Bhangra @ SADD 2008 Mix

    Here is our mix for your listening pleasures.
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    People's Bhangra - South Asian Dance Dimensions Video

    Hey, Sadly we haven't received an actual video from the competition, but we do have a video of the routine from our culture show which happened just last weekend. Let me know what you guys think. We are a very young team with a lot of history to hold up up to so hopefully we don't disappoint...