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  1. Kaur

    Vardiyan For Sale

    Hey everyone, selling a set of girls vardiyan and have some coed gig/party performance vardiyan as well. I can send pictures if you’re interested.
  2. Kaur

    PANJ Girls 2nd place -BSM 2017

    Enjoy!! Thanks to Mohit Cal Inder BK Asish Jasmeet NSG Preet and Royal for chadre :)
  3. Kaur

    PANJ Girls 1st Place- Bhangra State of Mind Enjoy :)
  4. Kaur

    PANJ GIRLS 2nd Bhangra Idols

    Hey Guys, Below is our performance from last weekend. And constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. Kaur

    PANJ GIRLS@ELITE BHANGRA- First Place This is our new PANJ Girls 3.0 team lol :)
  6. Kaur

    PANJ Girls 2nd place Elite Bhangra

    Hey everyone here is our video from a few weeks back. The girls placed second at this competition. Special thanks to Vancity Bhangra :) PANJ Girls @ Elite Bhangra 2014
  7. Kaur

    PANJ Girls 2nd Place- Bhangra Elite

    Nvm wrong view lol
  8. Kaur

    Selling 2 sets of vardiyan/outfits

    Hey guys we are selling two sets of outfits 12 man set that Vancity wears the link is below Also selling another 8 man set that we have, it can be used as 4/4 coed, or 8 man guys.
  9. Kaur

    Set of 12 guys vardiyan for sale

    Guys vardiyan only worn once with all accessories. PM for more details :)
  10. Kaur

    GTV- Bhangra Knightz Notorious Guriqbal put your tongue back in your mouth ahah
  11. Kaur

    GTV- Carolina Bhangra Squad Notorious 2013

    Carolina Bhangra Squad @ Notorious Bhangra 2013
  12. Kaur

    GTV --Dil De Rangeen Notorious 2013

    Dil De Rangeen @ Notorious Bhangra 2013
  13. Kaur

    Set of 12 guys vardiyan/outfits for sale.

    Have a set of 12 for sale, PM for details and pictures :)
  14. Kaur

    Full Panel Discussion from VIBC 2013

    After 25+ messages asking for the full discussion here it is! Part 1-- The Positive Impact of Bhangra Bhangra Village - HSBC City of Bhangra - VIBC 2013 Pt 01 Part 2-- Shift In Bhangra Over the Past 6-10 years Bhangra Village - HSBC City of Bhangra - VIBC 2013 Pt 02 Part 3-- Judging...
  15. Kaur

    Panel Discussion(BTF Live) from VIBC 2013

    Very interesting to see almost a debate between Jatinder Bhaji (Shane Punjab) and Poonam (Empire) regarding the evolution of bhangra. Many topics were discussed and everyone had great perspectives to share. This is only a clip of the discussion, it actually lasted about an hour :) Bhangra...
  16. Kaur

    Cornell @ VIBC 2013

    Cornell Bhangra - HSBC City of Bhangra: Downtown Bhangra - VIBC 2013 Day 1
  17. Kaur

    Vancity Bhangra --- VIBC 2013
  18. Kaur

    First Class Bhangra-- VIBC 2013

    First Class Bhangra - HSBC City of Bhangra: Downtown Bhangra - VIBC 2013
  19. Kaur

    UNC Bhangra Elite-- VIBC 2013

    UNC Bhangra Elite - HSBC City of Bhangra: Downtown Bhangra - VIBC 2013