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  1. Naveen Singh Khokhar

    ggnimt watch the crowd esp durin jhummer
  2. Naveen Singh Khokhar

    VCU Bruin Mix...dunno if it was already put up

    ppl asked me so here it is...enjoy (i think this was the version used at bruin)
  3. Naveen Singh Khokhar

    Competition Idea

    What if there was a competition where the organizers gave all of the teams a mix. then with that mix each team had to make choreo. thus there would be a control to judge the teams with although it would probably get annoying listenin to the same mix over and over again. what are ur thoughts...
  4. Naveen Singh Khokhar

    Is this Nachdi? This is a pretty entertaining live set. I think this is nachdi, but i don't think this pela jodi dances to music. correct me of im wrong. What do y'all think, Do yall like nachdi live or to music more. Personally I like their live sets alot more. They...