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    Anyone remember where this boli is from?

    Can't quite seem to remember where this boli is from but have been looking for it for a few days now but I know i've heard it multiple times in mixes... any ideas? nacha nacha mein agg vangu macha deva gera kuriyo ne mein nach nach patt deva vehra kuriyo
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    What's up Chicago?!

    What's up guys... I was wondering what's going on with the bhangra scene in Chicago and surrounding areas. I haven't seen any active bhangra competitions in a few years and was wondering whether there's any local events going on and even your (the bhangra circuit) thoughts of future competitions...
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    Request: Co-Ed jodi Jhummar

    Ugh, sorry for starting a new topic for this but I'm kinda in a hurry to get a hold of this... I need pictures/photographs which are specifically people performing jhummar, preferably co-ed jodi... anyone have anything particular saved on their hard drives and are willing to share?
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    MegaVideo bypass?

    Anyone know of any practical ways of bypassing the 72 minute time limit on megavideo? There are some methods on youtube, but I really don't feel safe downloading any programs on to my system...
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    India Bhangra DVDs wholesale...?

    So I’ve started to take great interest in live bhangra sets and wanted to get a hold of some DVDs of India teams from festivals/melas, competitions, etc... My family is gone to India (to Punjab) and I requested they bring me back some DVDs so I can chill and watch them for the remainder of my...
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    Dj Harpz - Sudesh Kumari Mix

    I've attached a mix I was sent but I can't seem to find the original track... anybody know what it's called and/or can post it? Thanks in advance :-*
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    Team Dips - Dhol Performance

    these guys are sick... watch the other 3 videos too ps. dunno if its already been posted but run a few searches and nothing came up
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    Culture Shock 2: Black Market Edition - Lomattic, Sunny Brown & Baba Kahn

    Enjoy :)
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    Jawani vs Bhangra

    For a while I've been wanting to start a thread revolving around the topic of "jawani" and bhangra. As we listen to punjabi/bhangra songs, there are many connections made between the folk dance of punjab and punjabi youth. For the most part, we generally see young males and females perform on...
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    Chori Chori Thakna - Jaswinder Daghamia & The Dark MC Tere nakhreh hai nee tere nakhreh, Tere nakhreh hai nee tere nakhreh Tere nakhreh de mureh mein tha hananeh nee sab kuch haar gaya... Tera saadeh val chori chori thakna nee mitaraan nu margaya ;) anyone have this as an mp3? :)
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    Money Talks..
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    NTP bhangra music video for Punjabna

    I'm still getting used to this so my bad if this is a re-post.