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  1. Govind

    How much do dholis typically charge for weddings?

    I know someone getting married and they were wondering what the going rate is for having a dholi at your wedding... How much do you guys typically charge up front for playing at the baraat and reception etc...? Also note what city you live in b/c it's likely that differences in prices reflect...
  2. Govind

    Judging Issues - Important points for teams/organizers

    It was an honor to judge the Motor City Bhangra Competition this past weekend, and a privilege to judge alongside the former captains of PAU GADVASU and senior dancers on GGN Khalsa College. From the judges' standpoint, the competition was overall very well organized and congrats to Gary Khehra...
  3. Govind

    VIRSA Big Apple Bhangra website mix

    Can someone from Virsa please post up the mix that's on the website! Thanks!!!! :)
  4. Govind

    Innovations in Bhangra Fashion/Style

    Let's hear it for those people who took a risk trying something different on their unis...and caught people's eye! What worked, what didn't? A few things I loved were the tie dye paggs (2007- SGPD and Yale, oops self pump), PAU's mini bells on the shoulders of their vests, Nachdi Girls wearing...
  5. Govind

    Request: Which mix starts w/, "Jadon desh nu lodh payee kurbaani di"

    ...Taan nadiyaan khoon diyaan vahaiyaan ne punjabiyaan ne" If you get a chance, kindly upload the team mix that starts with this sher...I recently lost a lot of my music and whatever I have now, I've been searching for it to no avail! :/ thanks! -govind
  6. Govind

    Request: Nachdi Jawani Elite 8 2010 mix

    I searched for it, and came across only the links to the GTV vid and a 7mb file that is not that great quality. If someone has the original, please upload it if you have a chance :) thanks!!! -govind
  7. Govind

    Request: Good music for practice/teaching newbies

    Hi all, I'm starting up a new edition of daaktaraan da bhangra here at Michigan, and tonight's our first practice. Brand new 16-member troupe of pretty much all non-desi people/first-timers dancing aside from the choreographers... Just wondering if you all could share some good music that...
  8. Govind

    Amazon Closed My Account

    The Short: Has this happened to anyone else recently and did u get it fixed? ------------- The Long:closed my account......saying that it's related to another account of mine that got closed (for no reason...) and none of the jokers at Amazon are doing anything about it. Every time I call...
  9. Govind

    sunny leone bollywood heroine top top di & India's sexual liberation

    Does anyone else find it absolutely huh-larious that she has a legit main lead role in Jism 2, produced by one of India's biggest production houses?! HAHAHA...Will Sunny accelerate mainstream/popular sexual liberation in India?
  10. Govind

    Pehchaana Mujhe - Funny Prank Call

    Pehchana Mujhey (Radio Mirchi Murga) funny
  11. Govind

    Vijay Kumar Audition For Karan Johar

    OK this isn't quite as good as the Indian "Propose to Girl" video...but it's up there mostly b/c it is SOOOO true! When you go for ad-film auditions in Bombay, this is exactly what they make you do, and the Haryana dudes who show up in their "hero-gear" and aviators act EXACTLY like this!!! (I...
  12. Govind

    MIT Summer Bhangra

    hey all i have a friend doing an internship in Boston for the next 2 months who is interested in MIT Summer Bhangra...Is it still possible for her to join the classes and practices for India Day? PM me with a name/phone number if possible that I can pass on. On a side note, it's pretty sweet...
  13. Govind

    the hiphop beat at the end of Lilly's videos

    what is it? if you have the song can you post it up pleej? thanks!! 4:25-end
  14. Govind

    ain't nuttin like a [pyongyang] paaaarty

    North Korea Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong Il NKoreans know their jhummar/jodiyaan haha there were a few dance steps that looked like it!
  15. Govind


    did anyone happen to see when desitorrents said they'll be back up and running if they made an announcement before. i think the server's down right now... any other good sites to dl the brand new hindi films where you can see full screens and all so you know you're not downloading crap quality...
  16. Govind

    anyone else pissed off w NYT?

    so i guess i haven't noticed for a few months since i disappeared to study, but WTF ny times charges $15/month if you want to view more than 20 articles/month!?! if they didn't make enough money off of the giant car ads they have opening up every time you go to the homepage that basically...
  17. Govind

    Hilarious Prank Calls - Ghunta Singh

    I find this guy to be hilarious!!! Ghanta Singh Exclusive clips Part II.wmv
  18. Govind

    grocery store dude with the sick voice

    who sings Mayaa ek keela bech mayaa kinne tu banaayee...? where is this vid on youtube!? i tried searching for it to no avail :/ thanks so much! g
  19. Govind

    what's the name the miss pooja song on tonight's outsourced?

    subject says it all :)
  20. Govind

    microsoft office

    Don't mean to be a huge mooch, but my computer crashed today and I had to reinstall windows...leaving me without microsoft office. I have to give several presentations in Cali this week, am flying out in a few hours, and would really appreciate it if someone could hook me up w/ a recent version...