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  1. Gurjit Singh Lalli

    Soormay at Bhangra Fever 2019 (1st Place)

    Whatsup BTF, Here is our First Place performance at Bhangra Fever 2019. Shoutout to Jaspinder, our liaison (Lovejit), and the rest of the fever committee for a well organized comp. We were coming off of back to back wins, and this was our return making it our third first place in a row...
  2. Gurjit Singh Lalli

    Soormay @ Bhangra in the 6ix (First Place)

    Whatsup BTF This is our BIT6 performance (there was a miscommunication on the lighting so unfortunately our intro Mela was not fully seen). There's some changes from LOB please let us know what you think. -thank you -Shoutout to Prabh Saini, Sehij, and the rest of the committee for keeping folk...