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    Bhangra Knightz GTV @ World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013

    will you guys be posting the mix?
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    Good mix man. You should make more of these dhol mixes ;)
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    Nain by Joti Dhillon

    Could someone please post a mix of this song???
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    laddi bath mareh geddiyan

    sounds like naagne by amrinder gill
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    How bhangra should be done Folk

    Ok so I read this whole post and I agree with Karan. Teams like unc and Bhangra empire do Bhangra but most of the time their gimmick has nothing to do with Bhangra. If u disagree please tell me how a marching band had anything to do with Bhangra.Teams like Sgpd virsa Aeg nj nypd etc do Bhangra...
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    [Shan E Punjab Arts Club] @ Boston Bhangra 2012 - First Place

    this set was so sick however the chimta player was off beat for most of the performance
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    hype mix love it :) you should post more often lol
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    Nachdi Jawani Co-ed TDOT

    the performance was a bit messy but other than that everything was on point. the song selection of the mix was really good. will you guys be posting up the mix?
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo @ PCS:Chicago

    ranja jogi hoya and the daang segment were sick. congrats on 1st place
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    Tera Yaar Bolda Mix clip

    lol this track has been on repeat since the last 24 hours
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    Tera Yaar Bolda Mix clip

    this is sick.. good job man finish it up
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    Bhangra Knightz Gig Set sickk!!!!

    the guy in the blue is sick
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    TAG Pao 2012 Mix - NEWW

    damn man this is straight fire, i hope u guys were performing though. props for putting all these songs together.. you are too talented
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    Jija Laak Minley-Chamkila Remix *Download and Link*

    Re: Jija Laak Minley - Chamkila Remix yo this is freakin sick, just made my day :)