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    Jashan results

    Wirk itttt loll. Good job NJ ;)
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    The beats from Welcome to Detroit, by Trick Trick
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    The return of Bhangra Blizzard

    Do somethign in summer any organizer it not that much fun going to another city during winter months a summer comp i really think many teams wil apply
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    Getcha popcorn ready!! :P Its gunna be a great show ladies and gentlemen ;)
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    Who's your favourite team

    SGDP and Rooh Punjab Dee ;D
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    Toronto vs Vancouver

    Talking about Rooh losing at home , don't foget that they went to India and beat every team there and got first.
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    PFDF Predictions and UPDATED Lineup

    Live- Rooh Punjab Dee or SGPD ;) Gidha- Shan-e Girls Modern/Music- Nachdi Jawani Toddlers ;D Just my opinion, but good luck to all teams
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    New Comp Idea: Canada vs US

    Canada Music Live SGPD Rooh Punjab De Nachdi Jawani Shan-e Punjab Seniors USA Music Live VCU Heeray APD Gabroo Shokeen My opinion and if we had to pick 4 on 4 ;D
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    Your very own bhangra comp

    Music- SGPD, VCU, NJ, Shan-e Juniors, and PANJ Live- RPD, Nachde Shokeen, PCAC, Shan-e Seniors and any team from India :P
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    OFFICIAL Bhangra Blowout 16 Results

    VCU ;D Congratz to Drexel and Cornell as well. Good job to every team that performed, can't wait to see vidoes.
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    Bhangra Blowout Predictions

    1.VCU 2.Drexel 3.DRP Good luck to every team,and can't wait for videos when its all done ;)
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    The song Morni is by Bukan Jatt
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    AVAP Official Music Predictions!

    1. Shan-e Juniors 2. Jawani Warriors 3. B2B My opinion, goodluck to all teams though ;)
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    Rooh @ Nation 06

    Yea videos off from the sound, but still looks like a crazy routine
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    OFFICIAL VIBC 2009 Predictions

    VCU Empire United VCU gunna ripp it ;)
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    Official 2009 Apna Virsa Apna Punjab Line up!

    SGPD liveee, its gunna be crazy ;D
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    Joshiley Jawan at Virsa Punjab Da 09

    Great routine, good jobs guys ;)
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    Re: Desi Dhamaka Updates

    Finally NYPD comes to New York, can't wait ;)
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    Toronto Elite Bhangra at Dhol Di Awaz 2009

    That was amazing, great live set, a well deserved 1st ;)