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    Anyone from NYC/Boston/Chicago?

    I needed some help from my fellow big city people- I'm looking to move to NYC/Boston/Chicago in the Fall, but I'm not really sure about where the best pockets for apartments are. My first choice in NYC is obviously Manhattan, but I know that the cost of living is pretty high. I've heard that...
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    Arjun from Cornell

    On behalf of Sher and probably the other teams that performed at Boston, we'd greatly appreciate it if you stop circulating our videos. Granted that this post won't really convince you or anyone to stop, but its great to know that our wishes fall upon deaf ears.
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    Sher Foundation @ BBC 2009

    Seeing how its the new hip thing on BTF, I'm also going to go ahead and ask that our performance @ Boston Bhangra next week not be posted until we give the green light. Mods, if the video isn't posted by myself of Pavan (handle: SherFoundation), please remove immediately. Gracias and see yall...
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    For all the hockey fans

    Best fight: I'd have to say Probert/Domi, the Slaughter on the Frozen Water series
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    BTF Fantasy Football?

    Anyone doing it here? I'm down to start up a fantasy league if we can get some people.
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    Will Ferrell @ USC Football practice

    I'm sure the CFB heads here have seen it but I just wanted to post em anyways Will Ferrell as Captain Compete ("always compete" is our football team slogan) And as a strength coach haha
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    Since we're on the topic of how awesome it is to be a guy... freaking hilarious hahaha
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    Madden 2010

    Anyone try the demo yet? I haven't gotten a chance to, but my friend said its pretty sick. Can anyone talk about how the gameplay is and if there are any differences (besides graphics) between '10 and '09?
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    Happy Birthday Parul!

    Parul told me it was her dream to be wished happy birthday on BTF haha Happy birthday Parul!! Get waaasted!
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    Outfits from India

    When teams decide to get their outfits made in India, I know there is a lot of stress involved, as there is a very large geographical/communication gap. You may have a specific design you want on your khurta sleeves, but describing it to a tailor in India can be difficult, assuming that you...
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    Sher Foundation on Twitter follow us on twitter! The entire Sher team has access to the account, so expect some crazy tweets
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    david after dentist hahhaha

    Sulman start slanging this ish you'll be able to repay your loans in a week haha
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    Yogendra Singh Yadav- Certified badass
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    Anyone else notice...

    The Zombie Strippers ad at the bottom of the screen? Or is it just me haha. It keeps showing up I laugh everytime
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    RonRon goes to Houston

    Ron Artest gets traded to the Rockets for rookie Donte Green, Bobby Jackson, and a 1st round 2009 pick...what do you guys think? I would say its a good trade, but then im thinking- isnt Shane Battier a younger Ron Artest? what are they gonna do with him?