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    Looking for someone who can make flyers

    Looking for someone who can create professional looking flyers for parties, clubs, and/or events. PM or email me at Thanks.
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    The Problem with BTF...

    The main purpose of my post had been miss understood... Free feel to post as you wish. HarmanToor: I hope you understand that this wasn't an attack on you.
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    The Problem with BTF...

    I haven't posted on here in forever and there are reasons behind that but after reading the thread started by Harjot about drinking/comps and what people are posting on there, I feel that somethings need to be said... I hate to say it but that thread shows one of the main problems with BTF...
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    Boston Bhangra VCU Bhangra 2009 Video.

    Here is another view, front center as we like to call it... Enjoy and for those who don't like... don't watch...
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    Vcu bhangra request

    On behalf of vcu please do not post our Boston bhangra video. If you have it please pm me and keep the video to yourself. Thanks and congrats to all the team tonight.
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    Congrats to all of the teams, on behalf of vcu please do not post our video, we will post it ourselfs in the future.
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    Similar outfits to VCU?

    Those are old VCU Outfits which we sold to Pehchaan Punjab Di.
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    How do you refer to your nationality/ethnicity/race

    thanks, but u spelled it wrong...
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    How do you refer to your nationality/ethnicity/race

    Could you please change "Gujju" to "Gujarati"
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    VCU on Americas Got Talent!

    Thanks for all the support, but VCU Bhangra wasn't selected to go to the next round. I don't believe any clip of the performance was put on tv, but you can see a miniclip at 29:00.
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    Just realized I had this closer view from Burgh Enjoy.
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    Global Bhangra Competition

    Agreed. It's like when MLB calls it the "World Series" when only US teams are playing... kinda stupid if you ask me.
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    Anakh Punjab Di at Bruin Bhangra 2009
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    One of the Funniest Things I Have Seen!

    Dave Chappelle's view on Sesame Street from his stand up "Killin Them Softly":
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    so are the cavs done

    Howard and Melo should make their own puppet commercial
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    AFBC Question

    I think this would be best just have a huge bracket with all the teams and see what happens. If you break it up, your going to have 6 teams doing live, 10 with all guys music, 4 all girls music, 9 coed music... (these aren't real numbers but hope you get the point) its going to take away from...
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    Bruin Bhangra Results 1) Bhangra Empire 2) DRP 3) LBC
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    Lebron vs. Kobe

    Promo for Lebron: Promo for Kobe:
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    Hiiiii =]

    Agreed. We Gujarati's can do bhangra just as well as anyone else. VCU Bhangra was started by two Gujarati's
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    Hiiiii =]

    You might actually be surprised to the actual number of Gujarati's involved in Bhangra.