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    Columbia Bhangra Mix 2014-2015 aka. That Fire

    If you're looking for that fire, look no further. My mom listened to this and said it was bangin' so it must be. Some things you should know when you download this: Do you like Game of Thrones? Got some shit for you Are you into some bangin ass beats? Should definitely download this Do you...
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    Music Newsletter

    Hey guys, For those of you that don't know me I was the mixer/captain for Columbia Bhangra. Though my bhangra days are behind me (for the most part), I've started writing a music newsletter for people interested in finding new music. The newsletter is sent three times a week and is broken down...
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    Bhangra In New York (Non-Competitive)

    Not sure who would be interested but figured I would ask. I've gotten a group of people together to learn choreo every couple of weeks for anyone interested in dancing but not able to commit to a full tim team. If you're in NYC and still want to dance, send me a message and I'll add you to our...
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    Columbia Bhangra @ Pao Bhangra (GTV)

    Hey guys, Here is our last performance of the season at Pao Bhangra. As said many times before, Pao was a fantastic time and a big shout out to the Cornell committee who took care of us. Let us know what you think of the routine!
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    New team in NYC - Gauging interest

    Hey guys, Since I just finished my collegiate dancing career, I was wondering if anyone had any interest in maybe forming a new team in NYC for next year. Would probably start over some preliminary practices over the summer, but for now just seeing if there are enough people. You can PM me...
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    Columbia Bhangra - Bhangra at the Bell Mix

    Hey guys, Here is our mix from Bell, hope you enjoy it! Mixing for Columbia has been a ton of fun and has taught me how to craft a mix from start to finish. While I hope this is not my last team mix, this is definitely the one I'm most proud of so far and i want to thank everyone that has...
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    Traveling to Fever from NYC?

    Is anyone thinking about going from NYC to Fever? Might be getting a car to head up there
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    Bhangra in the Heights 7

    Hey guys, On February 15th, Bhangra in the Heights is coming back, yet again! Our annual showcase brings teams from around the area to perform on stage without the pressure of competing, and hosts a dance party that everyone can enjoy featuring Dj Raj Minocha. We've got an awesome show lined...
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    Columbia Bhangra is looking for a dancer for bell

    Hey guys, Unfortunately one of the girls on our team will be unable to dance with us this semester, so we're looking for girl that might be interested in dancing with us at Bhangra at the Bell. If anyone is interested or knows someone that is, please PM me and we can discuss logistics. Thanks!
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    Bhangra in the Heights!

    Hey BTF, Columbia Bhangra is proud to announce another year for Bhangra in the Heights! This year the showcase will be on February 15th at Columbia University. The show will currently be featuring: Yale Jashan Bhangra New York Bhangra Clique AEG SMD NYU Bhangra and us, Columbia Bhangra...
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    Video Tutorial - Mixing with Logic Pro X

    Hey guys, I made this tutorial for one of our newbies to teach him how to mix but figured it might be helpful for others who want to mix using Logic Pro for mac. Sorry the quality is so shitty, something happened when I uploaded it and I'll try to fix it Mixing Tutorial **One really big...
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    Columbia Bhangra - Boston and Burgh Mix

    Was going to wait until the end of the season to release this, but since we're changing so many segments next semester and it's on gtv anyway figured I would post it here. Enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback!
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    Most overused song? By year?

    I've only been actively on the circuit for a bit more than three years, so older people feel free to jump in. And feel free to add overused instrumentals to this list. 2010-2011: Not sure, maybe johal boliyan? Was this when notorious jatt came out? 2011-2012: Jatt pagal karte comes to mind...
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    Columbia Bhangra - Boston and Burgh Video

    Hey guys, Here are our videos from the past two weekends. We would really love feedback to improve next semester, so let us know what we should work on! Boston: Burgh: Columbia Bhangra @ Bhangra In The Burgh 2013 Big thanks to both the Boston...
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    Please stop bringing Jus Reign to comps

    This is a serious request to competition organizers Having just been to two competitions where he was the emcee, plus a few others in the past, he has consistently been unfunny and really just sucks out the fun of any competition. The novelty of having Jus Reign is completely gone, and as far...
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    Pagh Tier needed for Bhangra in the Burgh - Columbia Bhangra

    Hey guys, Unfortunately our Pagh tier will not be able to make it to Bhangra in the Burgh, so we were wondering if anyone either in New York or Pittsburgh could help tie 6 paghs for the show? PM me if you can help, we will add you to our roster and cover your expenses
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    Bhangra in the Heights update

    Hey BTF, Unfortunately, Columbia Bhangra has decided to push Bhangra in the Heights into second semester this year preferably at the beginning of February. We feel that we won't have time to put together the show we want, and we want to give the show a serious make over so we hope that you...
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    Hey guys, Here is our video from Blowout 20 last weekend! We had a really awesome time and I’ll be adding to the competition feedback soon Just wanted to thank my team for everything this year and everyone who helped us along the way. We’ve had a really amazing 2012-2013 season with strong...
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    Columbia Bhangra 2012-2013 Mix

    Hey guys, This is my first time doing the team mix and I'm proud of continuing the tradition of keeping our mix in-house. I'm still learning and especially working on EQ'ing and transitions so if anyone has comments and feedback (especially on those) please let me know! I'd love next year's mix...
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    Tying a chadre

    Was just curious if there were any videos on how to tie a chadre and pin? We have our own way but I feel like there is a more effective way of tying them and a better way to prevent them from opening on stage