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    Selling a Desktop, a Display, and Studio Monitors

    Hello All, I am selling a couple things I have sitting around in my house. This is open to people from the NJ, NY, PA, and MD areas (shipping these things can get quite expensive). I am selling the following items: 1) Desktop: Lenovo Ideacentre B550 All-in-one touch desktop for $850...
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    NJ Warriors Warriors @ BAB 2014

    Came across this on youtube... NJ Warriors Big Apple Bhangra 2014
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    Oxymoron - Schoolboy Q

    What do you guys think about the album?
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    Beats by Dre for sale

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    Song help Gaddi Vich Hundi....

    Anyone have the original song in hq?
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    Crazy dubstep dancer person

    PUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP This guy is sick. Being able to dance like that is simply...mind blasting
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    Song from VCU Elite 8 2011

    5:20 - 5:32 VCU Bhangra 2011 Elite 8 What song are those lyrics from?
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    Massive Attack (FS Remix) (PLAY ME PROMO) Pretty Sick Dubstep remix
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    Lighting Setups

    Hello..i was wondering..what kind of lighting setup do most live bhangra teams use? PPA Comeback - Bhangra Masti 4 what would u call a lighting scheme like that? With white lights focused on the stage....and if there venue has a backdrop like the one int he video...what would you suggest to...
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    Competition Applications

    Why don't all competition committees release an application where you can type in the information for the application? It makes it so easy for those who apply and it makes it easier for the committee as well. Plus you save paper.
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    Nakhrah - Nirmal Sidhu

    Nakhrah - DJ Tally & Nirmal Sidhu Full Video Exclusive!!!
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    A 2 Da K Party Mix

    A 40 something minute mixtape...completely western...this guy is pretty good in my opinion. If you want a taste of a A 2 Da K punjabi remix...
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    Black and Yellow Amplifier

    I came across this today...its a pretty baller mixer.
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    NAH SON!

    NAHSON! - R.O.D. [EP #28]
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    "New" Songs

    I don't know if these two songs are new or not...but i came across them today....they are def songs that make me wanna dance haha...
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    Ultimate Bhangra Competition

    Things have become a little more legit... 8) Thats the official website and there is an official board with phone numbers...haven't tested any though haha! official ad for them btw...i...
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    Zakir Hussain and Friends

    Check this out.... More Zakir Hussain Live on Soundcheck on a side note...anyone know how to train yourself to play tabla tirekite...
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    Getting a Team's Name Out

    I need help with getting my team's name out. The team is relatively new and of the two competitions we competed in, we placed 1st and 2nd. But they both were small competitions. We are having trouble getting into decent competitions. What can we do? Btw, the teams name is Dhamak Punjab Di
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    Logos and Clothing

    Anyone interested in designing a logo (for free if possible =D) and hoodies/jackets/sweats (which will be paid for) for a team?
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    Dhamak Punjab Di @ Rutgers AIR Show

    Dhamak Punjabi Di Bhangra, Rutgers University please give us a review...we had some costume malfunctions (turlas collapsing..phuman falling off...chadaras not staying together)..people slipped on chadars. it was was a pretty ugly performance.... Any suggestions as far as the routine?