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    Drexel Bhangra at Blowout 16 We had an good time this weekend. Props to VCU and Cornell for placing. If anyone else has a clearer front view of us from either blowout or AVAP, please PM me. Any constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.
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    Drexel Bhangra

    On behalf of Drexel Bhangra, I would like to request that no one post our video until after Blowout next weekend. After that, we'll be happy to post the video. Thanks, Sapan
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    Drexel at Burgh 08 Congrats to VCU and Rutgers for placing. We had a great time this weekend! Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.
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    rooh/shan-e-punjab collab at tbp

    idk if this has been posted...but its sick.
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    Team Development

    I'm guessing this might not apply to alot of independent teams and maybe even some college teams like VCU because they get a lot of raw talent and developed bhangra dancers at their tryouts. In our case, we always get decent overall dancers at tryouts, who always end up turning into decent...