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    Looking for someone who can make flyers

    Looking for someone who can create professional looking flyers for parties, clubs, and/or events. PM or email me at Thanks.
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    The Problem with BTF...

    I haven't posted on here in forever and there are reasons behind that but after reading the thread started by Harjot about drinking/comps and what people are posting on there, I feel that somethings need to be said... I hate to say it but that thread shows one of the main problems with BTF...
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    Vcu bhangra request

    On behalf of vcu please do not post our Boston bhangra video. If you have it please pm me and keep the video to yourself. Thanks and congrats to all the team tonight.
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    Anakh Punjab Di at Bruin Bhangra 2009
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    Another Milestone for BTF...

    50,000 Posts and 4,000 Topics... all in just about one year Congrats!
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    VCU Bhangra 08-09 Mixes

    Here are our mixes from this year. We want to thank Iqwak from Klasikhz for making them for us. Enjoy.
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    Back 2 Folk Avaiable online!

    Here is the second installment of the Back 2 Folk Album: Back 2 Folk: The original Back To Folk (Reduced Price): FREE BB15 Mixtape: Please buy it and don't try to bs...
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    VCU Bhangra Request

    On behalf of VCU Bhangra, we are requesting anyone who records our video this weekend at Bhangra Fusion to not post it on youtube, or upload it anywhere or pass it from person to person. We have never been shy about letting out our video, or holding it from people and after Bhangra Blowout, we...
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    PPA at Groundshaker

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    AVAP Deadline 2 Weeks Away!

    Just a reminder that AVAP's registration deadline is 2 weeks away so please get your applications in asap! Please visit for the registration packet and more information. If you have any questions you can email us at or send me a message. Thanks and hope...
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    Video Request Forever...

    Why bother having a video request thread for every competitions when 95% of all the teams don't want their video posted while the 5% that do, post it themselves. I think it has come to an understanding that after a competition, DO NOT post any team's performance because if they want it posted...
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    VCU Bhangra Request...

    On behalf of VCU Bhangra, we are requesting anyone who records our video this weekend at Bhangra in the Burgh to not post it on youtube, or upload it anywhere. I am asking this before hand, because it seems like the upload process has become really fast and videos go up the night of the...
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    Bhangra Draft...

    I was just thinking the other day with someone, and I don't know if this is already been talked about, but if bhangra was to have a draft, who would you take with the first overall pick? You can pick anyone related to bhangra, someone who is dancing now, or danced in the past, and lets keep it...
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    20,000 Posts!!!

    Congrats to BTF on achieving 20,000 posts.
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    GroundShaker Review...

    Overall the competition went really well and from our team, we had a great time. Mixer was good, nice place and good food. Announced the judges to everyone and gave their backgrounds and had them talk to the teams about what they are looking for in the performances. Only thing I wasn't a fan...
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    Groundshaker Final Lineup?

    Just been seeing a lot of stuff about teams not being able to come or dropping out, was wondering what is the final lineup of teams competing?
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    Who is tired of hearing of Farve?

    I know I am.
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    Just remembered that has some good videos that youtube doesn't have. Plus has videos of raas, fusion, bollywood teams too.
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    What Do You Look Forward To?

    Besides the competition/performance on stage, what is the top thing you look forward to? Mixer, Afterparty, City/area, Meeting new people, Getting away for the weekend, etc.
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    Indian on the US Olympic Team

    Raj Bhavsar is to take the place of Paul Hamm