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    1: drexel 2: rutgers 3: NYU 4: wolverine bhangra 5: UVA 6: rochester 7: cornell 8: VCU i think that should be right....
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    Bhangra Blowout Predictions

    Who do you think is going to win Bhangra Blowout this year? Here are the teams: Columbia Cornell Drexel Northwestern NYU UNC DRP VCU
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    UVA Di Shaan at VPD 2009

    Here's our video from Virsa Punjab Da. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has our video from IPFF, please let me know (via PM, or a post on BTF would be fine as well).
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    SRUJAN Competition at The Ohio State University on April 11, 2009!!!!

    Hey Guys! I wanted to alert any teams who may be interested in applying to a fusion competition at The Ohio State University. The competition is called SRUJAN, the Grand Prize is $3000, and the competition?s committee welcome bhangra, raas, and fusion teams to apply! The details are given...
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    UVA Di Shaan Video from Bhangra in the Burgh 2008

    Here's the link to our video from the weekend. Constructive criticism for the routine is definitely appreciated. Congrats to VCU, Rutgers, and Drexel on placing this past weekend. Had a good time at Burgh with all of the teams.
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    REDSKINS BABY!!!!!!!!!

    Before I say anything, this post is dedicated to my boy Nikhil! I just wanted to see who else watched the NFL preseason game tonight between the Redskins and the Colts. Now, I know it's WAY TOO EARLY to say anything about the upcoming season, and I know the starters on both teams barely played...