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    Bhangra Knightz at Warrior Bhangra - please do not post!

    Hi everyone, if you have our video from Warrior Bhangra competition kindly email to Please do not post our video, we will gladly post it after WBBC. THANK YOU! :) BK
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    Bhangra Knightz at Bruin Bhangra XIV (Balcony/Judges' View)

    Oh Hiiiii BTF! Please enjoy our performance from Bruin this past weekend. What a pleasure it was to watch this from the judges' bagal, sorry for the screaming though! So hard to watch calmly ;) We would love to receive as much constructive criticism/feedback as possible! Bhangra Knightz...
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    TAG at Bulldog Bhangra V (Balcony View)

    Toronto All-Star Girls, 2nd Place - Music Category at Bulldog Bhangra V in Fresno, CA (Performance starts at 0:40) TAG at Bulldog Bhangra V (Toronto All-Star Girls)
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    Bhangra in Barbados

    Barbados Bhangra Show (Malwai Giddha)
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    Bhangra Knightz Warrior 2011 Video - Please Do Not Post!!

    Please do not post our video from Warrior Bhangra 2011. We will post videos ourselves after Norcal. If anyone has a video of us from Warrior, please PM me - Thanks!!
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    Check out and Like the Facebook group for! (link) - Has helped over 40 teams get custom vardiyan - excellent quality/durability for saaps, bamboo khunde, and other props "One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get what is needed when its needed. We have had kanchian from...
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    Ballismus Bhangra (from Lublin, Poland)

    Ballismus Bhangra (from Lublin, Poland) - CenterView
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    "Bhangra Empire" at Eclectika 2010 National Institute of Technology, Raipur

    The music skips at 1:37 haha I thought it was a gimmick!!! eclectika '10 NITRR bhangra.AVI Oh and Just Kidding as you will see from the video it's not really BE...spoiler alert hahaha
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Everyone wear your green vardiyaan today if you have such color ;) Otherwise just wear green or you will get thappar (pinching is weaaakkkk). These background guys have the general idea :)
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    Punjabi Bhangra in Korea 2010!!

    With this recent topic of a World Bhangra Competition, I thought I'd share this.
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    Sikh Subculture Blog

    I found this cool blog - here are two articles from it that I liked. I believe this is the same blog that had the story of bhangra ruining someone's life? I just thought these articles were fun to read, well written, that's all. The blog can be accessed here...
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    Cornell Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever II (HD View enclosed)

    Hey all, Here is our video from this past weekend. We had a great time performing and want to thank the Fever committee for their great hospitality. We all had a great weekend and a great time performing at Fever! Thanks to Ricky and Havish for help tying paggan! Any comments/constructive...
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    Chakde (High School Team?)

    I actually rather enjoyed this. Their choreo/ideas for Surekiach Naa were sick and their dhamaal song was executed so perfectly. anyone know who these kids are? hahaha Moderator's note: Video removed by team request. not to mention their mix was illlll. dude in all-black ripped it
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    Desh Bhagat Bhangra

    assuming this is Desh Bhagat Institute of Engineering and Management. two yellow jodi's? sweet.
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    Bhangra to be performed at Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

    Hooray look what I found on the website for the Winter Olympics! Principal Artist(s): Opening Act: Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti and Black Mahal Second...
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    Bhangra Stunts Demonstration: Joshiley Bhangra Stunts
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    Request from Cornell Bhangra: Please Do Not Post our Boston Video

    Please do not post Cornell Bhangra's video from Boston Bhangra Competition 2009. Thanks! And congrats to all the teams! It was such an entertaining show and seemed like everyone had a great time! All teams really brought it!
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    Request for Wale's new (debut) album "Attention: Deficit"

    Anyone got a link or source? :)
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    Virse De Waris Juniors at Bhangra Flames 2009 (3RD Place)
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    Bhangra in New Zealand