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    BAB Mixer - Team Videos

    Enjoooooyyyyy :P BAB 2011 mixer team 1 BAB 2011 mixer team 2 BAB 2011 mixer team 3 BAB 2011 mixer team 4 BAB 2011 mixer team 5
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    BAB - shout out to Jessie Randhawa - DCBC's liaison

    Hey, I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Jessie. Jessie did everything we asked him to do, he was always on time to pick us up/drop us off from anywhere and everywhere. He even offered to drive some of our girls around late at night/early morning on friday to get them food as well as...
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    Does anyone know the official lineup, i heard it keeps changing because teams are backing out? =\
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    Live Category Placing teams Videos

    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Bhangra Masti 4 Bhangra Masti 4 - Nachdi Jawani Live Set PPA - Masti 4
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    Bhangra Masti Predictions - GIRLS ONLY

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    Bhangra Masti Predictions - Live Category

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