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  1. lakha23

    Another Bhangra Mixtape Drop - Spring Break Bhangra Mixtape 2020

    Since all my Gigs got canceled nothing but time to drop some shiii that been working on Shoutout to Mithu and SSNY from BTF ;)
  2. lakha23

    Just put out a new Mixtape

    Let me know what you guys think!
  3. lakha23

    Official Sitara Mixtape - 2019

    Critiques, and suggestions welcome! Made this mixtape with one of my friends, for a fusion competition happening here local in San Antonio this weekend. Check it out LINK -
  4. lakha23

    Vardiyan Needed...

    Anyone in Texas looking to selling any vardiyan if possible ? Thanks
  5. lakha23

    Kundiyan e=mc Sample- Dj Lakha

    Just was messing around with some old tracks, made a lil sample[/size]
  6. lakha23

    Does Anyone know if vardiyan colors represent something ?

    Like if the different colored joris represent anything, ex. red, green,yellow, blue, pink, orange etc..
  7. lakha23

    Alamo City Bhangra - Harlem Shake

    Harlem Shake (Bhangra Edition) - ACB
  8. lakha23

    Harlem Shake Dhol Mix! *Download*
  9. lakha23

    Clique Dhol Mix - Dj Lakha

    Made a dhol mix was bored... dhammal, phumaniya, chaal, jhommer; all traditional dhol used in it
  10. lakha23

    Dj lakha Reshmi Rumaal Ft Harry Singh Sample

    Link :
  11. lakha23

    Panjeb Sample - Bakshi Billa [Unmastered] *Download & Link*

    A Remix Sample; For an Album being done by Sikhbeatz, and Virdi Saab . Any feedback would be nice. Thank you![/color]Link: [color=rgb(51, 51, 51)][/size][size=13px]
  12. lakha23

    Notorious Jatt Sample - Harry Singh

    A little sample made by my bro harry, from my instrumental chkk hurrrrrrr Link:
  13. lakha23

    The Brown Invaders

    Me and My friend breaking it down bruahhhhh! A New Beginning
  14. lakha23

    Jija Laak Minley-Chamkila Remix *Download and Link*

    Hey guys back with another folk mix, Enjoy ! Bruahhhh Link:
  15. lakha23

    Notorious Jatt - Randy J Instrumental Sample

    Hey guys i was bored so i made this little instrumental for a friend of mine who wanted to make a cover, soo here it is ! Link: ::)
  16. lakha23

    Desi's In Paris *Free Download & Link*

    Simple Instrumental Track i made, Check it out! Mix:*****s-in-paris-instrumental
  17. lakha23

    Republic Of Bhangra Houston Vaisakhi Competition (2nd Place)- Houston, Texas

    Would love any feedback Thanks ! UTSA Republic of Bhangra - Vaisakhi Mela 2012
  18. lakha23

    Republic Of Bhangra @ Houston Vaisakhi Mela Mix

    Hey guys i made this mix for our team. It would be nice if someone could give me some tips on what i should have done and not done! Thanks!